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  1. Janis

    Triumphant Vulva

    Warm, creamy lotus on a background of sweet almond. The feminine companion to Martial Arts - my nose is picking up the same gentle sweet almond in both. No tea rose.
  2. Janis

    Peach Vulva

    INSANELY STRONG, JUICY PEACH!!! There's a smooth frankincense somewhere in the background, but right now, it's allllll about the fruits (and honestly too much for me to handle), even many hours later & through a couple hand washings. This could be beautiful if the fruits settle down with age - I will be retesting.
  3. Janis

    Mummies of Mexico City Hair Gloss

    Beautiful. Spicy frankincense, but make it dusty and faintly sweet. Quiet, sacred, somber. Spot on to the description and name. I'm transported to the warm, dusty crypts with every whiff. This is exactly the type of resin scent I love.
  4. Janis

    Howling in Vain

    This smells like freshly cooked basmati rice. It actually smells like rice! Becomes sweeter and the amber gains more of a presence with time. If you like warm rice notes, get this!!
  5. Janis

    So Below Hair Gloss

    (2021 January restock) this is all soft, creamy coconut. The other notes are very well blended - I can't pick any out individually, they work together to enhance the coconut without stealing the show. Lovely, a very sophisticated and comforting take on coconut. Medium throw and longevity.
  6. Janis

    Im Tiefen Winter

    I'm amping hearth smoke right off the bat! Citrusy smoke, bordering on savory, with mossy stones and the 'unconventional aquatic' note in the background. There's also something bright and fizzy that reminds me of cleaning products. Not what I expected at all, but if you like smoke notes and happen to amp it like I do here, this is a very pure, sparkling smoke that I haven't experienced before in BPALs. I also got a bit of oil on my shirt sleeve: there, the smoke is very faint. It's fresh cucumber water.. it reminds me exactly of the smell of my local Indian grocery store. (Note: I don't usually amp smoke, and I think the smoke note used in this scent is something different.)
  7. Janis

    Klosterruine Im Winter Mit Blick Auf Heisterbach

    Cool aquatic pine (the 'snow' accord), and stone. There is incense far in the background, but it's indeed an 'echo'.. one that only appears later into drydown, when the opening notes grow faint. The way this scent morphs evokes the temporal experience of ducking into a sheltered alcove, a respite from the snowy forest that surrounds. I was hoping that Klosterruine would be just stone and incense (as I associate pine so heavily with winter that I find it difficult to wear at any other time), but it's a lovely and evocative scent in its own right.
  8. Janis

    Why I Love Thee? Hair Gloss

    Fresh out of the bottle this began as a blast of very indolic oud 😖, but quickly softened into a crisp lavender breeze reminiscent of clean fabric. What a transformation! It's really beautiful once the oud calms down.
  9. Janis

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    Wow, the oil is really dark! A dry, almost medicinal sandalwood and clean patchouli. Very well blended. No cherry at all, unfortunately. The drydown eventually turns into a labdanum single note on me, which isn't really something I'd want to wear on its own - but I adore the dry woodiness that precedes it. This is a really great take on patchouli! Clean, unisex, powerful.
  10. Janis

    Blueberries, Cream, & Cardamom

    The blueberry note is amazing in the bottle. It is the freshest, most delicious realistic blueberry and I love it. Blueberries, cardamom, and just a hint of cream. I could huff the open bottle forever. The blueberries and cardamom all but disappeared under some very strong cream once applied to skin, though this wasn't too unexpected. BPAL's cream and vanilla notes both amp and do all sorts of weird things on me. Blueberry cardamom makes a surprise resurgence later into drydown, but this time it's more of a sour, spiced blueberry jam. A couple hours later I had a skin reaction to something in this blend - the first and only time it's happened with any BPAL oil 😓 Although it doesn't agree with my skin, I really love the scent and will be trying to get creative with scent lockets and other ways to wear it.
  11. Janis

    A Glimpse

    Immediate fecal oud with a fizzy backdrop of soap and toilet cleaner. It smells like someone took a dump and then tried (and failed) to cover up the smell. This is, hands down, the most toilet-y scent I've ever tried. Oh no! ETA: a rinse with water transforms it into a soft, cologney, clean skin scent. If A Glimpse is pulling ultra oudh-y on you, give this a try!
  12. Janis

    Banana Cream, Black Coconut & Raw Chocolate

    This is an immensely decadent chocolatey banana cream. It's artificial banana, but I happen to love artificial banana flavoring! Wet, this is mostly banana cream and chocolate. Coconut peeks out as the oil warms (and dries). It's surprisingly balanced, without ever becoming sickeningly sweet or overly dry, and stays absolutely true to the notes. The cream note does its usual thing on me late into drydown where it turns into a plasticky single note, but honestly, the main body of this scent lasts for so long that the day's about over by the time it happens anyways. This one's a keeper!
  13. Janis

    Wild Cherry Chypre and Smoky Patchouli Hair Gloss

    First impression: whoa, this is smoky! Juicy red cherry dancing just barely at the edge of perception, chypre in the background, and lots and lots of smoky patchouli. Although I was able to notice a cherry note while aerosolized in the air, it all but vanished on my hair. The patchouli is fantastic, but not very strong or long lasting as far as patchoulis go. I like to use hair gloss as a detangler on damp hair prior to sleeping at night, and the scent was completely gone after a night's rest. That being said, I will enjoy the rest of my bottle.🖤
  14. Janis

    Sweet Amber and Cherry Liqueur Hair Gloss

    True to notes, with a refreshingly carbonated kick. Definitely check this out if you're a fan of cherry and amber! Medium throw/wear.
  15. Janis

    I Wish I Were Your Mirror

    This is gorgeous!! I couldn't agree more with VetchVesper's description. Watery, light, softly spiced. Warm spices and resins are juxtaposed against cool water and clean, dry fibers. I get the distinct mental image of clean-shavenness. Unisex and soothing. This is without a doubt my favorite of the 2020 Lupers. Going to need a backup or two!