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  1. Janis

    Lazy Daisy

    Jasmine, jasmine.. jasmine 😳 I really seem to amp the jasmine in this blend! It's a light, sunny, floral jasmine - not the grounded jasmine that I associate with jasmine (green) tea. Close to the skin I get black tea, but this is by and far jasmine for me. As a lover of clean scents I'm disappointed that I'm not recognizing a cotton note, but the jasmine itself is still lovely and warm... It's just not the scent picture I'd hoped for. 4/5
  2. I grabbed this one off etsy because I was fascinated with the theme. I really didn't know what to expect since the reviews have been so mixed! Wet there's definitely smoke, metal, and a citrusy tang. I assume the latter is the blood note - though to my nose it doesn't evoke blood in the slightest, dried or not. The metal is the same super fresh, gleaming metal note found in Paladin and Fighter. It reminds me of clean surgical utensils in an operating room. I've had problems with vetiver in other blends, but as this dries down I get a very gentle vetiver that plays nice and stays in the background. The metal is predominant here but it's getting sweeter and.. I'm actually finding this quite cozy! As the metal note fades, I'm left with a comforting skin scent that's almost amber-like. This was totally not what I'd expect from the theme, but it's really nice and has become my favorite scent to wear late at night. I may have to stock up on some extra bottles!
  3. Sweet, muted florals. Dusk arriving earlier than you expected. (The color of the label art is spot on!) Floral notes start out quite strong but calm down quickly to enhance the sweet dead leaves base rather than overpowering it. I'm not getting anything identifiably 'currant', but I suspect that it's adding a depth that helps keep this blend from becoming too light. As someone who prefers soft+dark scents, this is a very wearable floral.
  4. Janis

    Dusk in Autumn

    Cake, slightly sharp tea/leaves, and just the barest hint of sweet smoke - they balance each other beautifully in a way that's avoids becoming 'overly' gourmand. This was a blind buy based on the name and description, and I don't regret it one bit! It's so soft and comforting. 💗
  5. Janis

    Blood for Cat

    In bottle: tutti frutti! Cherry quite apparent, a rather sugary cough syrup comes to mind. On skin: there's the amber, very warm and soft. The fruitiness separates into its constituent notes. It's sweet, but mild. 4 hours later: still mostly the same, a little bit smoky now, gentle and agreeable throughout with a hint of playfulness. 8 hours later: the fruits are just about gone. I get a creme brulee close to the skin. Lovely blend, true to the scent description!
  6. Janis

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    My first BPAL order just arrived this week (blind buy of a couple imps whose descriptions appealed to me) including Penitence, which had caught my eye from very early on, and my current favorite - Vial of Holy Water. Definitely going to check out some of these recs in my next order, thanks so much! 💖
  7. Janis

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Hi there! I just discovered BPAL recently. I love how crazy huge and diverse the catalogue is, and how much thought goes into the descriptions and inspiration behind each blend. The aesthetic is great and it really gives me hope that I could find something I love. I'm not terribly experienced when it comes to fragrances. Over several years of sampling commercial perfumes, I've had a really hard time finding any scent that really clicked and made me go, "this is me!" Even when I encountered notes I liked, there would be something else that threw me off. :[ About Me I'm mid 20s, INTP, aroace female (but not feminine). Ravenclaw. My favorite animals are birds and cats. I'm perfectionist about my interests, and extremely laid back about anything else. I enjoy drawing and online gaming. I want to understand the world and conduct myself truthfully. Clarity of mind is precious to me. My friends pretty much unanimously describe me as quiet and rational. I probably seem aloof because people mostly leave me alone, which is perfectly fine with me! My preferred visual aesthetic is androgynous dark mori, with minimal makeup. I wear mostly black and grey, with a glint of gold and jewel tones to break things up. I have long black hair. I'm very pale and cool-toned. I like nature - forests, mountain paths, and Japanese gardens. My favorite seasons are autumn and winter. Scents Spicy, gourmand and fruity notes are delicious to smell but generally too sweet for me to actually wear. I'm not sure whether I dislike synthetic violet or all violet in general, but violet seems to be a dead note for me. Florals are also generally too feminine or give me a headache. I like the scents of crisp clean cotton, books, and wood. (I got a wooden closet recently and just can't resist sticking my head in there to smell it sometimes!) I've tried more unisex fragrances, but find them to lean too masculine or lacking any sweetness/softness whatsoever. Thanks for reading! would love any recs