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BPAL Madness!

Shuttered Asylum Atmosphere Spray

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Decades of dust clashing with antiseptic. The mouldering canvas and leather of discarded strait-jackets. Crusts of blood threading between shattered tiles. Wet rubber padding. Electricity-scarred metal gurneys. Crushed pill casings and dribbles of sticky laudanum.

This is the most complex atmosphere spray I have ever smelled. The leather in this is very reminiscent of Adam, and the blood note is very reminiscent of Quintessence of Dust. It smells cold and wet without being aquatic, I think there is some eucalyptus in here.

When I had first smelled this I thought it was a dupe for Adam, however testing it again I get a very different scent than Adam. The "wet rubber padding" aka eucalyptus and "leather" is what I smell the most, with dust and blood in the background. It is very evocative of a survival horror game. This scent is very unique and spot-on with creating an eerie atmosphere. Would I want my home to smell like this? Probably not. Will I be keeping my decant? Definitely, it is a work of art.

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Leather, rubber, blood and metal. There's a ton of blood in this folks. It's complex, and creepy, and very disorienting. Not sure I actually like it as as smell. But its very deeply evocative and makes you every so slightly uncomfortable.

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Smells strongly of leather and metallic oils (I'm reminded of the kind of oils/grease used to lubricate the tuning slide of a brass instrument) in the bottle. In the air, those two notes remain, but are joined by a slightly sweet blood note and an absolute cacophony of construction-type materials... dry wall crumbles, rubber hoses, electrical wires, glue, solvents, lubricants, chalk dust, copper, machinery, linoleum, packing paper. It reminds me of walking through an industrial print shop. Mood-wise, it's the scent of gritty demolition and cleaning, but never actually getting clean. It's the process, not the outcome. A bit off-putting, but also nostalgic for hands-on hard work.

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