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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves, Licorice Root, Tonka Bean, and Patchouli Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]


In the bottle:

This smells like dead leaves to me. Forest floor, but decidedly deciduous. It's woody, and slightly green. If i had to give this a color, I'd say it's olive green. It's a bit cologne-like in nature, and while I like the scent, I do hope it changes so i can smell the other notes.


Skin Test: again, a little goes a very long way. As it starts to dry down, more of the other notes start to come forward. The dead leaves scent though is definitely the star here. There's a sweet herbal note that i wouldn't necessarily identify as licorice root, and the patchouli is definitely coming out way more on than in the bottle. Some of the sweetness could be attributed to the tonka as well, but I don't outright get the cocoa/vanilla rich notes that i generally associate with tonka. As this continues to dry and warm up on my skin, the tonka and licorice definitely start to come out, and there's almost something sugared about this. At this point, I can't stop sniffing. I do finally get patchouli on this one, but it's not a super funky, wet earth patchouli. It's tempered by everything else and just lends more to the whole "forest floor" feel of this scent.


While this wasn't quite what I was expecting, I really do love this, and I'll report back once I've put this in my hair.


edit: In my hair the scent smells like the dried down, best version of itself. Not nearly as strong in my hair as on my skin- i have short hair and sprayed it into my hands before applying. I used two sprays. It's just the right amount of scent, and I think it would play nicely with base scents like O and Snake Oil, as well as other licorice scents. If you want to amp the patchouli, i think you could do that too.


Ugh-so good!

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The dead leaves note is really strong in this. In fact, I can`t pick out the other notes. Surprising, as licorice is usually pretty strong. It maybe smells a bit...earthier, or maybe woodier than just dead leaves, but nothing I can identify as licorice. Ahhh...no the earthiness and woodiness that was coming through was a dry patchouli note. The dead leaves slowly fade and this turns to patch single note. Too bad, I really wanted a licorice and dead leaves HG.

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Dead leaves, patchouli and licorice. It's an earthy patch and licorice blend over dead leaves. Woodsy, patchy, licorice. Medium throw and wear length.

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