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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves and Sugar Crystals Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]

I got a set of Dead Leaves gloss decants cause Dead Leaves is one of my favorite collections and I wanted to TRY THEM ALL before picking out a favorite or two to buy "big." This was the second one I tried: yay SUGAR!!

First Sniff Impression: Very, very subtle. Hard to smell anything really.

Wet in Vial: This pretty much smells just like dead leaves, but very subdued. The almost peanutty note I got in DL & Burnt Marshmallow is there, which makes me think it may be from the DL themselves or a base oil. It adds a bit of depth and warmness, and fades very quickly in case anyone is worried you end up smelling like peanut butter :biggrin:

Drying Down: Drying down some of the sweetness starts to come out, so the leaves are sort of calm, warm, and subtle still. Like the scent coming off a leaf pile that's sitting in the sun.

Dry: Dry this gets really pretty. It's like a sweet, floral dead leaves perfume, but somehow different from the Lab's actual dead leaves perfumes. It's really just like a delicate, sweetened leaves bouquet. SO PRETTY!

Conclusion: I don't know if I'd need an entire bottle of this, but it's such a pretty one I'd want to have a bit of it around. It seems like a fresh, inoffensive way to wear a very nature-y scent without it screaming HEY I'VE BEEN ROLLING AROUND ON THE FOREST FLOOR! Not that there's anything wrong with that, especially if you have company, lol. ;) I think this would be a wonderful introductory scent to someone who hasn't tried the Dead Leaves note yet and is nervous about it.

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Oh wow. This makes no sense, and I am wondering if my decant got labelled wrong - because this smells like Dead Leaves and BANSHEE BEAT. I kid you not. I have no idea why. But it does. And it's sexy as all get out. I keep sniffing it, thinking I've gone bonkers....but nope, still smells reminiscent of Banshee Beat mixed with Dead Leaves (the DL note that smells like actual dead leaves, not the aquatic one of the cologne one). Like the earthy dead leaves have taken the place of the patchouli in BB, but left the sexy sugary vanilla/hemp smell. The leaves are earthy enough to give a similar feel to the patchouli. I keep thinking I must have gotten something else on the sleeve of this sweater before I sprayed this HG on it, but I didn't. I know I didn't. I have no idea what's happening, it may just be my nose, but this seriously reminds me of BB and I am pretty stoked about the whole thing. Will report back next time I use it to see if anything changes...


So far one of my favourite Dead Leaves scents EVER and I totally wish it came in perfume too.

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