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An oil of wisdom and guidance; a lantern in dark times. White sage and goldenseal, white sandalwood, hops, Atlas cedar, red benzoin, Somalian myrrh, lavender, cypress, champaca flower, and olive.

Botanical fragments may be present in this oil.


Athena and owls both are significant to me, and I wanted to contribute to Athena's Army; I am very glad to have been able to do so. On me, Owl's Wing is a soft, comforting, resin-forward blend. I get primarily the cedar, sandalwood, and myrrh, with maybe a touch of earthiness from the sage. The lavender and champaca flower lend some lightness and sweetness, but this is not an in-your-face lavender (or floral) fragrance. It's snuggly without being meek; soothing, but with a protective, sheltering quality--like a strong shield that's lined with the softest, downiest feathers.

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Owls are important to me as well, and Athena has been a goddess of comfort for me on numerous occasions. I, too am glad that I was able to support this worthy cause!


In The Bottle: The soft powder of myrrh, the sweet resin of benzoin and lavender in the background lending a top note to the mix, but not in a floral way.


Wet On Skin: The sage starts to come out as the oil wars on my skin, bringing the scent out of its heavy-resin vibe it started out with.


Dry Down: It's definitely a soft scent. Not to say it's not strong- this has a decent throw, so apply lightly at first- but the champaca, sage and myrrh definitely combine to make a scent that make me think of crawling under thorny desert plants, only to discover the underbrush is lined in fur.

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Myrrh, sage, cedar, and a brush of lavender. This one is a woodsy-sage blend with touches of incense and lavender. Low throw and wear length.

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