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BPAL Madness!

Vampire Tarot: The Tower

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Going in blind, with no notes. These were available for purchase at NYCC 2017. The Tower is a very smoky blend, definitely has vetiver as well as herbad edge, and I swear there is leather on the drydown. It dries down to a much calmer blend once the smoke dissipates and I think there's some myrrh in here. Good throw and wear length.

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The Tower is a dense one. Smoky vetiver, some kind of thick resin, and maybe sage bush or chaparral, burning/smoking. I might be getting leather on the drydown, as well, or it’s my mind grabbing into z_z’s suggestion as a familiar note to rest on the destructive power of the Tower.


The throw is big.

Like the Tower card it seems to be breaking down my walls. I dabbed some on this morning, wary even then to the results, and went outside to take the recycling out. This resulted in a coughing-up-phlegm fit, and now my nose is dripping and my breath is haggard.

Doesn’t help that I’m also attempting to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, does it? 


Oh, Tower. Thank you for your destructive wisdom. Thank you for ripping through my veils of complacency with your raw fingers of fiery truth. 


There’s a sweetness emerging in the later drydown. Like a breeze (still smoking softly) is blowing over new ground, cleared in the fire storm, ready for new growth. Compassion after the discipline. 


I think I love myself.... and this scent! 

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