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BPAL Madness!

Skeleton White Hair Gloss

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Bleached sandalwood, orris root, white tea blossom, and nagarmotha.

Gorgeous. This reminds me of something but I cannot think of what! I smell white tea and an edgy sandalwood with a tiny hint of orris. I suspect this one and Spectre Blue to be the surprise hits and no one will know till it is too late. Perfect for Autumn, too. :-)

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This is great, by far my favorite of the colors I've tried. There is a very elegant, special, fancy-pants note, a nice clean crispness from the tea, and something kinda wispy and haunting like a gulp of fog at the end. This is so spectral. It is very inexplicable while being elegant, cool, and work appropriate. This is the epitome of vata dosha, dry, cold, aloof, haunted and soooo good.

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