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BPAL Madness!

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Something in here smells horrible on my skin. I can’t get it all off and it is making me sick. The lace scent has gone rancid on me and is topped with extra dry champagne. I literally despise this on me.

i don’t know what the death note is, but ughshdbjdh.

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I finally busted my decant of this puppy out, and now I'm considering hunting down a bottle.  Champagne and tobacco are the first notes I get, though tobacco isn't specifically listed,  I can't believe it's not in here somewhere though.  I can smell the sticky brownness I get from opium in the background, and I do get a thread of vanilla, but that's not what this lace is about. 


Really, this is tobacco, opium and very dry champagne on me.  I get almost a fuzzy porcelain texture from it rather the tart fizz I usually associate with the fruitier champagne blends that have mixed luck on my skin.  When I hear "Champagne Lace," I think Maria Antoinette in a something pink, Rococo, and brightly festive, but this smells delightfully debouched to me.  This is the torn, champagne-stained lace after the besotted aristocrats have their orgy.  ;)  I dig it.

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