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See how here the tulip- there the rose,
By a group of bronze and marble statuaries,
In the park where love frolics under trees,
Sing through my nights, pink and monotonous.
The flowerbeds sang at eve in joyful chords
Where the moonlight’s dance is a shifting show
And where, sultry and sad, their high notes go,
Troubling the pure dreams of solitary birds.
See how here the tulip there the rose
And crystal lilies, crimson in twilight,
Radiate sadly to the sun in flight
That bears away from beasts and things their woes.
And my ravaged love, like bleeding flesh, makes whole
Its wounds and lets its madness find repose.
See how the lily, tulip, and the rose
Weep for the memories that wash my soul.

- Emile Nelligan

Ravaged love, like bleeding flesh, makes whole its wounds: lily, tulip and rose shimmering in the moonlight, brushed by a quiet autumn breeze.

Soirs d'Automne is a delicate floral. I actually get a fair amount of tulip, which is exciting to me. Tulip smells like a delicate floral, buoyed by some pink rose and a brush of lily. It's definitely a pink/white floral. Great throw, great wearlength. There's a bit of vanilla musk in the drydown, I think.

I'd actually give this to a young girl that wants an accessible but sophisticated floral. This would also be a gateway floral to non-BPALers who like florals but want something better and more sophisticated. This has a 'young' aspect to it which I actually really love.


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This is a sweet and creamy floral. Not too rosy, if you're worried about that note. Mainly tulip and lily, light and delicate as fresh-picked flowers.

It has a hint of spicy autumn in the background, but could work wonderfully also as a Valentine's Day scent.

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This retail exclusive blend seems to have been forgotten and it took a few years for me to realize it even existed. In bottle and fresh on skin this is immediately reminiscent of Sonnet d'Automne, sharp floral and autumn leaves. Also somewhat similar to Singing Moon's sharp green bite the grass note has sometimes when mixed with certain florals. The tulip might be lending the green notes.

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