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An oil for making the impossible possible. Use in rituals for the attainment of dreams and for overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Created and charged on December 10, 2011 during the lunar eclipse.

Twilight Alchemy Lab's Senelion Oil contains essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts that are organically-grown and pesticide-free, and many of the oils' components are first distillations from small farms. This oil includes fossilized amber, armoise mugwort, white camphor, French white cognac, butter CO2 extract, organic lavender essential oil, bourbon geranium, champa flower absolute, honey absolute, Italian bergamot, and Iranian wild galbanum.

this is the first TAL i ever smelled or used. talk about powerful. i was/am very new to the whole world of ritual, but i picked this up thinking it was a good place to start.

people, this changed my life.

i was working in a leadership role at a huge corporation. i would regularly bring this oil to work and use it before meetings in a quiet moment of meditation and setting intention. i started kicking ass at work. and i mean REALLY kicking ass. i felt like i was going places and making things happen. and yet, i found myself unhappy. i finally (after too many years!) started listening INSIDE to what i really wanted. i realized i didn't want to work in corporate america anymore.

still using the oil regularly, i set a background intention of finding a new job that i love. i am now (less than 6 months later) working for an amazing, mission-driven, passionate non-profit that is SO MUCH more aligned with who i am as a person. everything feels better since i started here. i have stopped using senelion - for the time being - mostly because i feel like i achieved a plateau for now where i can learn A LOT about myself and do a lot of good in the world. that said, it's still sitting on my altar, just waiting. in case i ever need it again, i know it works. :)

also: it smells wonderful. complex, warm and bright. a beautiful pick me up in addition to a powerful tool.

beth and the TA labbies: thank you for making this oil. you've changed at least one life. :heart:

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This scent smells so beautiful! I'm probably using it wrong, but I dab a bit on whenever I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by life. It does make me feel like I can accomplish everything I need to do. Mostly? I just love the scent. I can't describe it...sort of incensey amber, with an herbal grounding. The camphor gives it just a hint of menthol, but not in a bad way. Sort of vibrant and fresh.

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Let's see. I'm going to review this in two parts. Scent and then why I came to review it, which is how I used it for intent.


Scent wise this is a very "perfume-y" oil for me. Now, since I was using it for intent, I didn't give two hoots what it smelled like but I can report that I don't think it gave me a headache so it wasn't white perfumey flowers. I definitely picked up on powdery amber and some kind of darker floral I think and just a general sort of perfume scent. Sorry I can't be more specific, my nose isn't always well attuned to this sort of thing. I definitely picked up on the amber though.



So yesterday was a Bad. Day. You know those No Good, Very Bad Days? Like that. Without going into much detail I cracked. I had visits for work to go do and I couldn't bring myself to do them. I was a melt down, crying, snotty nose, crick in my neck mess. My husband gave me the option of one last ditch effort of me trying to go do my work with me checking in with him periodically to make sure I was ok, or him calling in to say I couldn't complete my stuff. Since I didn't want to fail I decided that even though I was :cry2: I needed to go. So I started to get together. And I asked him to pull down my perfume. I started going through my TALs. Something made me grab Senelion. I had never used it and couldn't even remember what the description for it was. When I read "Make the impossible possible" I knew that my impossible was making it through the day in one piece. So I dabbed some on my crown, eye and heart chakras and the palms of my hands, took a deep breath and then anointed all my chakras with white light (because any day I feel crappy I have to put on white light.) Then I got dressed.


By the time I was out the door I had stopped crying.

By the time I was in my car I had stopped snuffling.

By the time I was at my first visit I was a little more than half heartedly singing to Pharrel Williams' "Happy".

By the time I was finished with my visits I was feeling like I had done a pretty good job, deserved some slightly more upscale Chinese and hit happy hour at the bar of a Chinese joint, had some half price apps and beer and had conversation with a nice guy while he waited for his wife, and then talked to her too, even though I am a true blue diagnosed social phobic.


I then went home and went to bed.


All and all though? I would say the oil was probably a success.

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So I received a tiny smidge of this from a generous forumite ages ago during a swap and I have simply been saving it up for the right moment.


Apparently that moment was today. This entire week has been super funktastic for me and all of the typical things that I have done, including using Anthelion and White Light, simply haven't cut it. It's a bit of a transition period in my life at the moment, and there's a lot of stress so I'm simply trying to manage as best as possible.


Today, in a burst of inspiration, and perhaps cavalier recklessness, I busted this puppy open and dabbed it on my chakras.


Despite a commute from hell, due to public transportation being absolutely asinine, I arrived to work in an OK shape. In fact, this entire day seems to be whispering "You can do it!", which is pretty much 180 degrees from where it started this morning when I dabbed it on where it seemed to be whispering "crawl under bed and stay there".


But that's just it. There are things outside of your control and the only thing you can actually control are your feelings, reactions and thoughts. And just being able to be in the space where you can take on the world and feel like you're going to come out on top (not just okay, but #WINNING) is a blessing.


Will review more as the day progresses.


ETA: So I wore Senelion yesterday when I had a phone interview and the person just couldn't say enough good things. I was also wearing Senelion the first time when I got contacted for the phone interview from yesterday. So fingers crossed?


ETA2: I just used Senelion last week mid-week, and had an epiphany over the weekend. So yes, #WINNING.

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