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BPAL Madness!

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Red musk, carnation, myrrh, and honey.


Wet: Really nice, immediately. Spicy carnation, sweetened by honey, a combo I love. Hints of red musk. I am not amping the musk too much yet. I love it, but sometimes it drowns everything else out. This is perfect so far. Hoping it doesn't morph too much as it dries.


This gets better every time I sniff my wrist. Sophisticated and sexy. The carnation and musk combo is to die for.


Dry: I picked this up on a whim. It hasn't even been on my wishlist. But it might have just jumped into my top ten. For sure my top 20. This is heaven on my skin. Carnation and red musk, sweetened lightly with honey. The Myrrh hasn't shown up, but that's ok, I have tons of blends that are Myrrh heavy. This is gorgeous, and I will slather myself in it this spring when I want to feel sexy and feminine, and still a little girly.

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Just received this bottle it’s about 7 years aged... holy heavenly god this is so seductive and surreal. It’s wet and then dry which makes little sense but at first the robustness of the musk feels all wet and fleshly but it lingers on your nose into this nice incense due to the myrrh. The carnation makes it pop! 

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