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BPAL Madness!


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Got this one as a frimp, and I’m very glad I did. It’s the kind of thing I’d eventually want to test anyway...but I am over the moon that I really do love it and not just the idea of it. I’ve never been in a church that burns incense! (I’ve hardly been in a church at all since I was in the single digits of age, and those were punishingly Calvinist, so...) 

In the imp I get earth and intense cedar. 
Wet, mostly cedar but the incense is now wafting and warming everything up.

Recently dry, I get a creamy vanilla smell. I see others mentioning plastic or tobacco. I could see why but I haven’t found a perfect comparison yet. This phase is very vanilla to me and creamy. Suddenly smells like the 1980’s rather than a timeless cathedral, but the cathedral is still there. Perhaps it makes me think of purity, youth, a ruffle of lace? Communion dress? My own intensely frilly Christmas service dress? An unbelievably airy Shetland lace shawl...something like that, in this cathedral. 
Much later it again smells old and austere, something lovingly tucked away in a box of made of a wood I don’t know the name of. 

Lives up to description, but is much more multifaceted and interesting that non-BPAL “church incense” frags I’ve tried. Because this is more of a scent (that you might pick up or have an article smell like through use or storage) than a perfume (intended to be worn by a person) this is exactly the kind of thing I like to wear. It doesn’t scream “perfume” when people smell it, but it does smell like something real. I love that.

A bottle for me, I think. 

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