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BPAL Madness!

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Ancient books, crackled parchment, faded ince nse, and candle wax.


This is a weird one for me.


Philologus starts off sharp and clean and strangely glossy? It reminds me of a magazine, or the pages of a brand new hardback textbook. It sweetens up, but that weird, shiny magazine-scent sticks around. As it dries down, it takes a sharp turn into a kinda generic cologne scent for a bit, but then quickly goes back to that clean, glossy paper scent. This is also a really strong one on me—once it goes on, it just seems to expand, and if I apply as much as I do with other bpal scents, I end up with a headache (and I very rarely get headaches from scents).


The friend who bought it also ended up smelling similar when they wore it, and we spent a while puzzling over what notes could have started out as candle wax, incense, and ancient crackling parchment, then end up as something closer to magazine perfume samples. We've both chalked it up to a sad skin chemistry flub. Queue sad trombone.

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I am in the Philologus is cologne-y camp.


I tested a very aged decant that was frimped to me, and while I did get a parchment vibe from it, it quickly went more cologne than books on me and there was very little candle wax to smooth it over, sadly.


I was so hoping for more candle wax with these books, but it's okay. I've got Lightning Strikes Literature.

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