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Black Death

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East African patchouli, bay, tobacco, golden amber, blackened sandalwood, orange peel, lemon verbena, clove, and a touch of lime.


This scent has a lot of notes I really like, as well as a bunch of really iffy ones, so not sure what to expect. In the bottle it's a really dirty patchouli, which is not my favourite thing, though I do like patch in certain combos.


Wet: Ooh, the clove comes out! I like clove a lot. I can't really pick out much of the other notes, just a general dark earthiness and clove. Some sweetness, I think from the tobacco and amber. It's actually much nicer than I expected, sniffing it in the bottle.



Dry: This went through a phase where I was really loving it, lots of clove, hints of lime, it was good! Now it just smells like really dry earthy patchouli. :( Not sure if this one will be wearable for me! I love the label so much though.

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This bottle is from 2010, so it's got 7 years of age on it. Upon first whiff from the imp, it smells like a really great rum-based cocktail, or hot rum punch. It's surprisingly fruity, but in a mulled fruits/wine sort of way.


Wet: Spices are huge here! Clove, bay, and tobacco grounded by patchouli. I don't get a ton of sandalwood, lemon verbena, or lime at this point either, but I don't mind one bit. I'm into the dark spices that are going on here.


As this dries down, the amber starts peeking out, and so do the citrus notes. just a touch, though. you have to hunt for them.


This is so lovely and so wearable during colder months.

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sinister, but subtle. i was able to acquire a bottle of this on the secondhand market. i’ve worn it a handful of times, but never reviewed, so when i picked it up during a random grab for today’s perfume i decided to do a test patch to review as well.


in the bottle is a smooth, masculine cologney vibe, a bit dusty but no notes coming to the forefront. freshly applied is similar to the bottle scent but very close to the skin. i thought maybe my skin just immediately absorbed it but after a few minutes the scent becomes stronger.


the golden amber seems to be the main player for me. the sandalwood and tobacco seem to be the strongest supporters, i say this only because they are more present in the throw as it becomes stronger, but they blend in very well with everything else. the tobacco is the non chewy kind for me. i thought i was getting a hint of patchouli due to a subtle, almost leathery aspect, but this didn’t linger so much into the drydown. not getting any of the citrusy notes either as such, although i agree with some other reviews that they could be helping to brighten this blend in some ways. 


the throw increases as this dries for me, adding a touch of spice as well. definitely on the dark and sexy side. maybe more masculine leaning for some but definitely would smell good on anyone

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