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Ding Dong Ditch! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Samhain scent with cinnamon sugar and candy dust!

I picked this one up off Etsy. This will teach me to read the reviews before I do this, as I can see this atmo is very divisive and unfortunately I come down on the "no!" side. I love Samhain, but this isn't that. I love cinnamon and sugar, but this isn't that either. There's a sour component in here that I find very unpleasant- maybe even something like the pickles others have described. The vinegar/sour/decayed off note that I get unfortunately doesn't fade away, and I imagine I will put this up for swap or sale.

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I was gifted a decant of this one and had the same experience as the above reviewer.


I once had Samhain Atmo, which I ended up destashing because the scent was so strong that it was overwhelming to me. This doesn't smell like Samhain to me at all, although it is also overwhelming. It's very sour, and there's also a leaf-y scent beneath the sourness. I get no Samhain, cinnamon sugar, or candy from this whatsoever, sadly.


I sprayed this on a paper towel to test this and ended up having to throw the paper towel away because the scent was so bothersome. It seems like there may be a batch variation with this one according to the reviews?

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This is amazing, one of the best atmospheric sprays I've tried! I only get the cinnamon and sugar when I first spray it really, it dries to be mostly Samhain with extra sweetness. The dominant notes from Samhain I get in this are the apple and pumpkin. If I didn't know Samhain was in this, I would think it smelled like fried apples and sugar.


Definitely try picking this up if you adore Samhain! I haven't tried the regular Samhain atmo, but I think these might be pretty comparable. 

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