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BPAL Madness!

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Orange-glazed cake, dotted with anise seed, and filled with custard, set beside a bouquet of celebratory funeral flowers.


This is a review for the 2008 version.

I was interested in this one, but I shied away from it due to the anise and flower notes.

At first, it was the most lovely orange-glazed cake scent, which became more of a custard-y cake over time, but it didn't take long for the floral notes to announce their presence, and when they did, they wouldn't stop. It ends up being a floral-dominant scent on me with some custard-y cake beneath it. Fortunately, I never did get any anise.

Not bad, but I would prefer this one without the flowers. I'd rather just smell like orange-glazed, custard-filled cake. :yum:

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2018 version.


Lots of sweet orange at the top. Not a realistic orange, more like an orange liqueur.


That sits alongside some lovely custard. Creamy, sweet, milky, and very rich.


There's a bit of a cake note, but it is mild. Sweet and bready. Actually pretty realistic.


The floral notes are very mild. Sweet florals, but hard to suss out under the custard note.


I honestly get no anise.


I actually really liked this one, but it fades within a half an hour on my skin. Basically no longevity. :(

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Version: 2018 Version


Source: Ajevie decant bought from a destash


In the vial: Definitely indulgent! Strong, custard-y scent. Can smell it the moment it's opened, from a good foot away.

Wet on skin: Immediately buttery and sweet, not dissimilar to pound cake! I think I get a faint floral, too. Overall smells like how flan tastes, if that makes sense.

Drydown: After 30-ish minutes, it becomes very... horchata-like. My dad is in the same camp, it's horchata with a bit of something else. It isn't bad at all! In fact, it makes for a very cozy, still yummy scent.

Longevity: Applied at 3:30 PM, could still get traces at 1:45 AM (I'll admit it, I'm a mess)

Sillage: At it's strongest, I could catch whiffs while going about my day. Also didn't have to get up close and personal to my wrist to smell; only needed about an inch, maybe two inches of clearance to smell my wrist.

Verdict & Final Thoughts: Would FS! Unfortunately, I've determined that between this and another scent with an orange note, I think my wrist refuses to let me recognize BPAL's orange. Will have to invest into a single note from another brand to enjoy Huesos de Santo as it's meant to be, but smelling like horchata is still a plenty welcome outcome.

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