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Snake Oil Soap

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Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla.

I was very lucky to find this little beauty right here on the forum, courtesy of samarablackcat's sales post. I never got to try it back in the day, so I was ridiculously excited about getting this!!

I had the soap for 2 weeks before opening it, the packaging is so pretty that I kinda didn't want to spoil it. I kept huffing it, there was just the teensiest tease of fragrance coming through the paper it was wrapped in but very very faint. So finally today I opened it up, being very careful not to tear the paper because as others have mentioned - it's lovely, and the writing on the inside is very cool. The soap itself is a dark treacle colour - it looks rustic and hand-made, like something you'd find back in the 1820s sitting atop a big old clawfoot bathtub.

I'm wondering if the soap ages in the same way the Snake Oil itself does? I dunno, but this soap is about a year old now and the SO smell is rich, deep and smoky. As everyone else has said - it lathers beautifully, and it's very smooth and silky. It smelled so good that I washed my hair with it. Uh huh.

I did find it a little drying on my skin, but not any moreso than other soaps usually are for me. But the smell!! :thud: It's lovely - much different to when I slather the Snake Oil on - with the soap it's softer and less direct - like it's in the air rather than *on* me. And my hair? Soft and silky - NOT dry at all, and ohhhhhh it smells fantastic.

Wowsers, long review. Can you tell I'm a bit excited? I really hope this becomes available again - it's an absolute must have for any Snake Oil lovers, but because the soap gives a more subtle fragrance I would also recommend it for people who have trouble with how rich and heady SO can be.

*sniffs hair again* ahhh... :wub:

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I was gifted a bar of this soap so I decided to give it a try. That being said, I don't really like Snake Oil. It tend to move between 'meh' and 'blergh' depending my skin chemistry at the time.


In the shower: "That is unpleasent.... I know that smell. It's not Snake Oil but I know and loathe that scent.... Oh, god it smells like my carpets after I shampoo them!" And it does, wet rug, chemicals, hint o'wet dog hair. *shudder*


The worst was yet to come. I'm in my room after my shower and I start to smell urine. I get really pissed off because I assume it was my dog. I go searching for the inevitable wet spot. Nothing, in fact I remember now that dog was in her crate while I was in the shower.




That would be me. Smelling like pee. And wet dog.

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