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Little Bird

Temple: Haitian

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I received a wee decant of this one from Thursdae (thanks!).


In the imp and first on my skin, Temple: Haitian smells like cinnamon toast and the spicy lemon cookie-ish scent that I get from Cerberus. Lemongrass and cookies.


After a while the citrus scent gets stronger, and this smells like cutting into a fresh lemon. But I'm still getting something like sugar cookies and gingerbread in the background.


After an hour or so, this has dried down to a smokier, slightly powdery incense that reminds me a bit of the Chakra blend Sahasrara (candied incense), only this is more subtle and bakery-ish on me.


Very lovely.

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Scent-only review, I was frimped this in one of my earlier forays into forum sales (:


In the imp, the first thing I think of is suntan oil, with the coconut and the sweet spicy lemon thing going on.


Wet on skin, there's definitely something gingery going on, reminds me of the smell of the kitchen this morning as my first batch of gingernut (ginger + cinnamon) cookies was baking, but with a kind of candied lemon thing in the background also. Oddly enough the coconut doesn't make an appearance once it's on skin.


Once dry, there's something slightly incensey-smokey happening on my skin, as if the candied lemon was being burned as incense.

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