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A powerful attractant used by homosexual men to help them find love, ignite passion, and enhance their charisma.

Again, just a dab test for scent purposes. If favorable (or unfavorable!) effects come out of this I'll update it. I suppose by posting this I'm outing myself, but it wasn't really a big secret anyways :P

So... long story short, I've always felt abnormally inconspicuous and mundane in the gay world. I've never dated anyone, nor has anyone shown interest in me, I've fallen for a guy or two who have given me the 'just friends' talk, and I am inordinately shy and lonely. Perhaps a little oomph would be what I need.

Bottle: Sweeter than I thought it would be. I'm getting notes of some kind of floral, rose maybe? There's also a hint of honey and amber over the top. Sugary, this definitely is. Maybe a brush of ylang-ylang, too.

Dab: Whoa, interesting. I think I got a touch of mint, leading to a sort of smoky, fir-touched aroma. It's slightly fiery and warm, with an insinuation of ginger and pepper, but it heads back towards a musk with a bite. No more mint. Maybe it was hallucination.

Dry: A musk that kicks you in the balls and says 'I'm here and I smell really good!' I don't know what it is, but I keep sniffing my wrist and Q5 gets nicer and nicer as it dries on my skin. I even think my heart rate is a touch quicker now.

I don't know what it is in Q5, but it's making my fingers and feet kinda tingly in a weird way, I think that sorta feeling when you're catching your breath and someone you think you're interested in is looking right at you.

Maybe this time, he won't look away?

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I'm not a homosexual man (as you may have noticed :P), but seeing as I accidently bought this oil instead of Q7, I thought I'd review it anyway.


Scent-wise: This is a morpher. It went through stages that reminded me of all my favorite scents, like Oisin, Queen, O, and Perversion. There's a touch of chocolate in there, as well, that my skin loved for a bit. The dry-down was very simular to O and there was some decent throw to the scent. I liked all the different morphed stages, so it's a lovely scent.


Ritual: I didn't go very complicated. Visualization of a glow surrounding me in my magical mirror as I annointed myself and a lodestone to help draw people towards me. (I should point out that I was mistaken as to what oil I was using. I thought I was drawing WOMEN towards me, since I got Q7 and Q5 mixed up in my head.) I drew runes to see how my night would go and directed energy from them to my relection with my wand.


Effect: NOT what I expected, but very much what this oil was for. Both the males and the F2M transexual came over after the dinner party and there was general flirting and good times to be had. It was like all three were attracted to me, but highly confused as to what to do with that attraction. (Considering the oil I used, I'm not surprised!) By way of being caught in the wake of my spell, my M2F transexual roommate made some progress in snagging one of the males. So, overall, I can see this oil being highly, highly successful for a man, seeing as it was borderline successful for this woman. :D

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My first impression when I put this on is that it was a dense, dry, very elemental, masculine scent - like soot, or dust, even unsweetened chocolate, with a hint of florals. And for some reason, something that reminded me of Dorian. Go figure. As drydown started, the amber and those florals came out and started deepening the scent. It took a while to settle down. My impression was that it couldn't decide whether it wanted to be sweet or rough. (Interesting dichotomy, ain't it?) Damn, this really is a morpher. Finally it settled into a warm kind of masculine, which it reminded me a lot of Fenris Wolf. Couldn't have been happier about that because Fenris Wolf was pretty much my signature BPAL. (I was thinking, "Hey, so this is just Fenris Wolf, except it'll magically make me sexy, huh? Hell yeah.") The previous reviewer also mentioned that to her it went through phases where it smelled like her favorite scents. Weird.


My one problem with it is after a few hours it started to smell something like Play-Doh. But today I tried layering it with Posset's Montana (or maybe West Virginia, I can't remember now), which smelled great with it and as I predicted, covered up the Play-Doh later on. I'm betting that's just my chemistry, though.


As for effect ... well, I think I do look better wearing it. (I admit I was kinda checking myself out in the mirror the first time I put it on.) And I felt sorta ... not turned on, exactly, but everything that goes along with being turned on except actual arousal. Tense, energetic. Charged. I've worn it most days this week and I haven't really been out partying at all - so I'll have to update if I ever drag my ass to a gay bar - but everyone's been a little nicer and more talkative to me, and I have been getting some extra attention. From women. Which isn't quite what I was going for here. I'm either too straight-acting for my own damn good or there just haven't been any gay guys around. :huh?:

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