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  1. Try Amsterdam - it smells like wet, fresh flowers.
  2. khazakant

    The Witch Bride

    This is a really interesting scent and hard to pin down. It's almost floral, but it's resinous. It's almost feminine, but it's androgynous. It's almost clean, but it's earthy and herbal. The lab's hemlock note is strong (I always really liked that note, it reminds me a bit of burying my nose into the pet rat I had as a teenager, a furry little smell). I bought this mostly for the concept, but I'm very happy I have a bottle, it's a winner.
  3. khazakant

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I'm dying for a replacement for Hemlock Honey. (The Wild Honeysuckle is almost close, but it's not anywhere near as intense or boozy and I miss that summer-heat kind of feel.) Suggestions?
  4. khazakant

    Wild Honeysuckle

    The honeysuckle that grows wild (or feral?) in my area is thick and boozy and intense and smells almost exactly like the much-missed (by me, anyway) Hemlock Honey (quite often I had someone tell me I smelled like honeysuckle when I wore it). I've been hoping for a honeysuckle soliflore since the Apiary got discontinued. This is pretty close, to the extent that it smells like a weak, watery version of the real thing. Might resemble some other species of honeysuckle more closely, but compared to what I'm used to, it doesn't have the sweetness or the heat. It's a well-done scent, but for me, a little disappointing.
  5. khazakant

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'll give it a try. In no particular order: Aphrogene Vechernyaya Dorian Hemlock Honey Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills (Also sort of want to give honorary mention to Possets Tidal Wave, since I wear that so constantly.)
  6. khazakant

    Rational scents?

    I like Hymn to Pan for such business. Very crisp, clear-thinking, almost severe. For some reason it reminds me of the color ice blue.
  7. khazakant

    Mother, Mother Ocean

    Try Aphrogenes, if you can find a bottle. (It's a Luper from the Ode to Aprodite collection. I think it means 'foam born.') Orris root, iris, white honey, white sandalwood, coconut, and cherry blossom. It doesn't smell exactly like the ocean - at best it's quite a bit like sunscreen and there's something a bit salty about it in the background - but it smells like how the scent of the ocean feels, if that makes any sense. It's uncanny.
  8. khazakant

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    For Molly Weasley, maybe Calaveras - I remember that being a buttery, bright, foody scent, but also a little preternatural and with a hint of pepper and smoke. Good for a kitchen-witch. I was thinking about Artemiy Burakh earlier (from the game Pathologic) since the game was so kind as to have a character comment on what he smells like (burning leaves and autumn earth, it stuck in my mind). Now I'm curious about his counterpart, Daniel Dankovsky. Hard to describe Dankovsky since he's so complicated, and the game is so complicated, but - he's an elegant, youthful, beautiful medical researcher from the capital (the game kinda sorta takes place in an alternate reality version of pre-revolutionary Russia, but also kinda sorta doesn't, basically, he's urbane and a little Westernized) who founded an experimental thanatological laboratory researching a way to end death. VERY intense (to an extent that's slightly terrifying). He thinks of himself as clever, cold, logical, and a man of principle, and he's wrong on every count. He's overly emotional, easily hurt, and easily led by anger and viciousness, but also easily led by dreams and love. (He's a little childlike, in a way.) Not saying he's not tough as nails and a dangerous man, because he is by necessity - the game takes place in a plague-ravaged settlement on the steppe - and I always got the feeling that by Day 11 he gets a cold, sick pleasure out of killing, but all the same, beneath the self-righteous cutthroat amorality he's a dreamer who's in a lot of pain.
  9. khazakant

    Autumn earth and burning leaves

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions so far. Is there anything in the GC I should try, or wait and see what's there when the Halloweenies go up?
  10. I was playing a game recently and one of the characters is mentioned to smell like autumn earth and the smoke that comes from burning leaves. It stuck in my mind a little and now I would like a fragrance that's something like this. I guess it would be smoke, earth, and leaves all at once. Is there a single scent like this, or evocative of this, or maybe suggestions for layering? Thanks for the help.
  11. khazakant

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    All of BPAL's roses hate me. AAAALL of them. Rose otto, rose attar, white rose ... If they even get near me they instantly turn whatever fragrance they're in into a combination citronella candle/Philly cheesesteak. It breaks my little heart because I love roses, I grow them. I haven't found a solution myself other than just wearing rose fragrances from other companies (small consolation) so I'm just posting to give solidarity.
  12. khazakant


    It is a lot like Fledgling Raptor Moon, which I didn't like much because a lot of BPAL's scents tend to be a little too dry and musty on me. This one is a little strange to describe, it's like a dry scent that doesn't turn into dust on me, but stays sweet and ... I'm not sure what the word I want to use here is. Not "juicy" or "wet" or anything exactly, more like it maintains depth. It has very little throw on me and there's something kind of vague and haunting about it. It stays on my skin, but it has this quality, as if it's somehow not entirely there and I keep suddenly thinking for some reason that it's disappeared. As someone of NDN ancestry I find it very moving ... the St. Lawrence Iroquoians were completely wiped out by the 17th century and their languages are extinct.
  13. khazakant

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    I kinda fell for a straight guy (I maintain that he is seriously in the closet because he has more pairs of shoes than anyone I've met in my entire life). Don't really want to recall the whole embarrassing story but to sum it up, it Did Not End Well. I'm marinating in Hemlock Honey right now (which is my go-to blend for just about everything) and I feel much better. It's heady and warm and sexy. It's hard to feel like a sad sack wearing a thing like this.
  14. khazakant


    This scent is so somber, as quiet and heady as a forest but also clean and forthright and innocent. I keep thinking of the phrase "the cusp of womanhood" and the portrait of the folklore character by Ivan Bilibin...if I could just point to the painting and say "It smells like that" I would be happier. *laughs* I'm male and although I gave up a long time ago on only masculine and unisex scents (the idea that something smells "manlier" than anything else is really pretty stupid if you think about it) my natural inclination is usually towards more traditionally manly blends. But Vasilissa is still always in my top ten. There's something extremely compelling about this - the pink musk is just hypnotic, and the sandalwood and myrrh give it an understated but solid base, somewhere between woody and resinous, but not as overbearing as you think when you hear that - almost "pragmatic." It blends perfectly with the sweeter star jasmine and musk although I initially amp the myrrh and sandalwood before drydown. I would definitely recommend it to a guy. This'll be one of the few imps to make it to a 5ml (unfortunately I'm not made of money!) when I get around to placing my next order.
  15. khazakant

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    It wouldn't be the strangest thing that's ever happened (some people's chemistry just goes wild with some notes) but Hollywood Babylon smells like a sweet red lollipop to me, very far removed from autumn leaves. Maybe it's something with a similar name, like House of Night?