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Temple of the Crone

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The Scent - Pepper, violets and mint.


The Meditation - Plumes of dark smoke billow around me, lit by swirling clouds of light, green and purple mixing with the darkness. As the smoke clears I see I am in a cave. The walls are dark and wet and covered in moss. A stream cuts through the centre of the cave and disappears thundering into the deepening darkness before me. It's surface is lit by floating lights which swirl and dance and flicker through the dark. I am aware that the surfaces of the cave are radiating warmth. The sounds and heat overwhelm me, I lay down on the floor, which is dry and hard and close my eyes.


(I use my temple oils as aids to meditation, with the oil in my burner, so this is how I've reviewed them)

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I tried the Crone several months ago and this oil seemed to smell predominantly of celery. Today, there is hay, immortelle, baking-spice-sweetness, and wood and perhaps a bit of celery eucalyptus.


I don't really wear the Crone as perfume. Some days you just need the Crone and today she is being an amazing comfort.


I'd guess there is betony/sweet cicely in here, but really can't pick any particular herb out.


My interest in this temple oil is personal, so for me this is a never-never swap. For anyone who is looking predominantly for a perfume, this may not be for you.


Edited to add: this is wonderfully comforting in an oil burner.

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Scent: Patchouli, florals, warmth, darkness.


Use: I am not in the crone stage of my life but I certainly do tap into that archetype when needed and during those times I like to use Temple: Crone. I also find that it is useful when I am working with certain deities or certain Pagan holidays/seasons that involve the crone aspect. It comes in handy for working with trimorphos/the Triple Goddess.

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