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BPAL Madness!

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Soothes frazzled nerves, brings serenity to the heart and tranquility to the home.


The first thing I get when I sniff it is a lot of lavender, softened with some other florals. I can't tell you what, though.


As for the efficacy: I anointed myself with it like you're supposed to do with Nocturne, and it was, in fact, quite peaceful! This fall/winter I'm going to be working a lot, so I suspect I'll be using it quite a bit (especially with the Absolution bag!)

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What can I say, it's great. Strong lavender, maybe some chamomile, but mostly lavender. I didn't really believe it would work beforehand, but, interestingly, there is something strong in this oil, and it does have a calming effect on me indeed. It really brings instant tranquility, although if you are, for example, in grief, the emotion or the tears will stay (which is also a good thing, cause tears are a good invention in my view) - but the physical feeling will somehow be calmer and peaceful. It does wear off after an hour or two, but I didn't see any harm on applying this a couple of times, with the same effects. I also tried combining this with Lionheart, but on me, I had the impression that Lionheart also does something to the emotion (temporary strength but with an aftereffect; and I might go so far as to call Lionheart manipulative), whereas Peace is really just that (not really extra strength, but some easy, physical calmness, without demanding anything in return). So, great to have, although it is really for unique situations I think (for example, I personally would not use this as sleep oil, but get a bpal lavender scent for that purpose). Also, I have to say that, rationally, I am sceptical on these things, but physically, it was clear to me that I did feel the physical calmness effects - and that's super cool. :)

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