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BPAL Madness!


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The Poison of God.
Lies, falsehood, dishonesty, glib tongues, over-rationalization, skepticism, cynicism, denial of faith.
Governed by Adramelech, The Hypocrite, Chancellor of Hell, Master of Satan's Wardrobe.

In bottle: Something sharp and chemical.

On me: FLORAL DOOM. Okay, not that bad, but only because it has very little throw.

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At first I couldn’t place the smell. Floral, rich, deep, dark. I was thinking resins with some kind of floral. But now I recognize it as acacia flower if my memory serves. It’s very distinctive and smells just like the oil I got at an alternative bookstore when I was a teenager (so it's well aged :P ).


Now that it’s dry, this smells like Mum Moon or even Mama-Ji. So perhaps there’s chrysanthemum in here too. To test this out, I tried Samael and Mama-Ji on opposite arms. They smelled almost identical and one is an excellent substitute for the other. There are subtle differences, but I can only notice them when doing a direct comparison.


This is a wonderful oil and I like it a lot!

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