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The Disputers.
Pride, stress and disorder, strain, contention, conflict, futility.
Governed by Belphegor, The Lord of the Openings, who seduces men to evil through wealth through ingenuity.

In bottle: Yellow flowers.

On me: Light. Clean to the point of starchy.

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Ah, Thagiron smells of light, clean, yellow flowers. You know the type. It's got the bright citrus edge on wet, but that fades and I'm left with a faint, yet pleasant, clean smell.


Unfortunately my skin eats this baby right up. BWAH!

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Hmm, I had to go through previous reviews to find the words I'm looking for to describe Thagirion. I agree that it is YELLOW, definitely. Crisp, yes. Lemony but floral. It becomes less citrus-oriented as it dries.


Dry, I definitely agree with the clean laundry vibe. But it's like the clothes were washed in dish soap, not laundry detergent. There's an almost-herb hidden under everything else, but I can't make it out. Oh, yes, that floral note becomes stronger as it dries. Maybe a white or very pale yellow floral. These clothes were washed in dish soap and then rinsed with a floral fabric softener.


It's a lot better than I'd expect, given that I dislike most "clean laundry" or "clean linen" scents. It's still not something I'd wear, but it's nice.

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