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This is Roderick Usher: a faded genteel light musk and fougere, heightened by hectic white mint, gleaming mandarin, ethereal tea leaf and gritty blackcurrant brushed by the scent of the tarn that surrounds the House, and the gloom and decay of the walls that hold him.

In bottle - men's cologne with a nip

Wet on skin - candy

Drydown - licorice

Dry - beauty product

Trade bag

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A musky citrus/fruit cologne… mandarin and blackcurrant are the standout notes and they are very nice with the warm musk. I thought it would be much darker and creepier. The tea leaf is also noticeable, adding a refined softness. No mint at all, which I’m happy about. Not a typical male cologne but would probably smell quite nice on a man. Glad I got around to trying it.

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ITB: I get fougere, but it's almost a lemony fougere plus mint and warmly steeping tea


Wet: The mint is stronger on my wrist and I'm also getting hints of juicy mandarin with the fougere and tea and musk. This is sophisticated, actually.


Dry: Once dried, it reminds me of a cool evening with gentle hints of fougere and tea.

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This is a very light and fresh fougere on me. I get a teensy bit of blackcurrant and tea as well, but not much in the way of mint. Also, if you are afraid of the decay notes mentioned, I am not getting any of those here :)

To my nose it reads like a cousin to Venustas, actually, so if you enjoyed that one you might also like this.


This could be worn both by men and women, in my opinion!


I quite like it. It's elegant and light and would work for many different occasions. I'm glad I could find a bottle :)

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