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BPAL Madness!


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let me preface this by saying i love hecate. something about the powdery myrrh does amazing things to the almond, which can sometimes be too cloying or generic for me otherwise. 


i’m not sure what it is, maybe the almond, but this disappears off my skin SO FAST. after an hour it’s a distant memory. other than that she’s gorgeous

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Sweet almond dominates while wet, almost cherry-like. The myrrh softens if up as it dries down. There's some musk in the background throughout. Interesting and lovely, though almost simple. It does seem to fade rather quickly. I don't think I need to keep this brand new lab frimp for myself.

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I tested a frimp of this one today.


Hecate falls into a category of BPALs I think of as "un-fragrance." These scents are focused just on smelling good and they smell good just to smell good. They are not trying to win awards for being challenging. They aren't going to offend anyone, and everyone will want to hold you in a hug a little longer.


Instead of pushing us to olfactory limits, Hecate soothes with an ancient perfume note: myrrh. This is the heart of this fragrance and endures after the marzipan becomes creamy almond. It is warm and balsamic and the musk makes it smooth. (This actually reads more like BPAL's "skin musk" note to me, rather than a dark musk). It is comforting and powdery in a velvety way. I'm on board with the whole "mama witch" vibe.


I thought it faded after an hour, but it seems to have morphed or something. Definitely wears close to the skin after the marizpan phase is over, but that is exactly what I would want from a fragrance like this. I am not sure I need a bottle of this, but I am going to use up the imp. Probably a good work scent for me.

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