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BPAL Madness!


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The Primordial Point of Creation, Mazloth, Being Out of Nothingness, the Origin of Thought and the source of the 32 Ways of Wisdom.


I was gifted some of this to try <3



Wet: Wow, this is interesting. At first it smells like Coke, and I think Opoponax, then it smells like Root Beer and I think Sassafras/Sarsaparilla. Now I'm thinking both. It's dark and rich and sweet. I think there's some red musk in there? Reminds me of Snake Oil meets The Elephantine Colossus. YUM


Dry: Love this. Dry down is the same as well, red musk, root beer, vanilla. Rich, creamy and sweet without being gourmand. It's kind of sexy. I will likely try to track down some more.

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