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    Favorite notes: Lavenders, herbals, aquatics, Clean & foresty scents. Favorite blends: Saint-Germain, Ides Of March, Sea of Glass, Kingsport, Dee, The Hermit, The Magician, Sleepy Moon, King of Diamonds... ect!

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  1. siriusstar


    Ah this one is wonderful in so many ways. I bought it for the delight in owning a scent that was named for one of my favorite characters. I really didn't think the caramel and rasin would make for a wearable scent for me. I am thrilled to have been wrong. On me this is a sweet, very clean herbal that lasts all day without being overpowering. If there is rasin and caramel in there it just adds an undertone of sweetness on me. It is faintly masculine... I was rather turning myself on with it one day I wore it... but not unwearably so. It reminds me of my beloved Ides of March 05. A wonderful surprise!
  2. siriusstar


    Easily my favorite BPAL so far this year! It has the same clear and cool quality as some of BPAL's other 'starry' scents, but is a bit lusher. I don't smell the lavender, except as adding a cool, herbal quality to the lushness of the white magnolia. I love lavender, but it dissappears on me in an hour or less. This sticks around for a long time with good throw. It is a midsummer's garden beneath a starlit sky. I LOVE it!
  3. siriusstar

    Mr. Ibis

    When I opened this one I thought I might have just found a near-cousin to my alarmingly dwindling Chaos Theory. It has the same clean, fresh, cool, slight aquatic, tingly perfection that I love so very much. But, despite dousing myself in half an imp's worth, it dissapears almost as soon as it is applied- I tried it on skin, hair and clothes but it made no difference. It reminds me a little of a cross between Pool of Tears and Dirty and it lasts about as long as those two did on me. I may try to get another imp and mix it with Sea of Glass (which lasts all day.) and see if I can't get the linen-aquatic theme in something that lasts that isn't OOAK.
  4. siriusstar

    Temple: Druidic

    This is the finest woodland scent I have ever tried. It so perfectly evokes the feeling of a druid's temple beneath the ancient trees. I cannot say exactly what trees are in here. It is not pure christmas tree by any means. These trees are not dead or cut. They are ancient, tall and regal hardwoods bearing witness to the druid's rituals. It works beautifully worn, but I am certain it would make an incredible ritual scent, too.
  5. siriusstar

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CT:III 'DCCVII' This was my first bottle of Chaos theory, but it will not be my last! I couldn't have commissioned a scent to suit me better, seriously. When I sniffed it in the bottle I let out a yelp of glee. In the bottle: Clean and fresh! A little soapy. On my skin: It deepens and sweetens on my skin. A little like a cross between Dirty and Sea of Glass. My guess would be narcissus, lily... and/or maybe moonflower? There is certainly a touch of fresh aquatic. The image I get from it is of a pristine mountain lake, untouched by tourists or pollution, with white flowers growing along its bank. The word I get is 'Purity.' Best of all it LASTS and LASTS! I can put it on my watchband or shawls and still smell it days later. It is the perfect scent. All I can say to the Lab is THANK YOU!
  6. siriusstar

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    In the bottle: This smells like vanilla with a bit of fruit sweetness, but nothing stcky and icky. On my skin: The fruit goes away almost immediately, replaced by a dry vanilla coconut with a curious herby base. Drydown: Pure vanilla musk on my skin. There is still a bit of coconut on my sleeve and hair. I never expected to like this one. I was sure it would be all sticky sweet fruit and ice cream. I am so happy to have been wrong!
  7. siriusstar

    The Pool of Tears

    Aquatics being my #1 favorite scent type, I was very anxious to try this one. In the imp it smells like a *much* lighter cross between Kinsport and Jolly Roger. It is a delicate and rainy scent. It could easily be called 'April Shower.' On: At first it was a beautiful lavender/aquatic- my two favorite things! After awhile it turned into a very light pure lavender, and within three hours it was gone completely. I really slathered it on, too. I like stronger scents, so I'd be more likely to buy a bottle of Tempest and attempt to layer it with Psyche for the lavender, but this is a very pretty scent for work or if you don't want something too strong.
  8. siriusstar

    Snow Bunny

    Just beautiful! This is the foresty pine scent I have been looking for forever! Sweet, clean and bright natural pine without any hint of floor cleaner. There is a sweetness underneath that makes it more feminine than most forest scents. It seems to have a good throw, which is important for me. My order tonight just got a little bigger!
  9. siriusstar


    This is quite pretty. A delicate spring floral that lasts a lot longer than most soft and delicate florals. I can still smell it on my sleeve many hours after putting it on. It is pleasant and inoffensive. It would absolutely make a great work scent. It's a little too generic for me to buy a bottle, but is a lovely addition to my imp horde.
  10. siriusstar

    Evening Star

    A very cool, clear scent in the bottle. I think I detect a hint of something soft and herbal when I first put it on... perhaps juniper? Once it's on awhile it becomes a lovely, not at all overwhelming white floral. It has a cool and distant feeling; like a beautiful but untouchable starlet draped in white silks. It's softer than is usually my preference, but I'm considering getting more for times when a more subtle perfume is desirable.
  11. siriusstar


    The description on this reminded me of something in my novel so I was anxious to try it out. Stage 1. Unfortunately it's very sharp red hots cinnamon. It hasn't given me a headache yet, which is unusual with cinnamon. I think I can smell something earthy underneath, but the cinnamon is overwhelming it badly. It smells like lots of Valentine's candy and dirt! Ah the earth is starting to overtake the cinnamon. It's getting darker, like the fire is starting to peter out.... the sandalwood and patchouli is getting stronger. It ends up a dark sandalwood with a bit of cinnamon still smoldering underneath. At first I didn't know what cinnamon had to do with 'Alone' but I think I get it now. The cinnamon represents the initial shock of being alone, all sharp and harsh, and the later stages coming to terms with it, but not willingly. The fire's still smoldering underneath. A very interesting scent. I don't need more than my imp, but I'm glad I had a chance to try it.
  12. siriusstar


    I had been especially looking forward to this one. I wasn't dissapointed! A wonderful true dark aquatic with none of the headachey thing I get with some of the aquatics that have too much ozone. What I found odd with this one was, hours later, it smells strangely like Cathedral- cold wet stone and wet underground caves. It has a lurky sort of power to it that I liked a lot. I love most of the SiA scents I've tried, but this one is especially special!
  13. siriusstar


    I got two orders and several LJ purchases today, and was just sniffing along when I opened this little freebee Imp from the Lab... Instant lust! I love clean-feeling scents and they just don't get better than this one. It is a very natural, not sharp or 'perfumey' at all. It was mostly smoky incense and a touch of orange on me, although the orange faded quickly into a lovely soft incense. My nose has been returning to my wrist frequently all day! This one hit me much the same way Saint-Germain did, although looking at the ingredients, I can't say why!
  14. siriusstar


    I didn't like this at all in the bottle. It smelled like wet ashes or charcoal, but as I was determined to try it, I just put a little on my wrist to see what happened. The ashiness was present for awhile, but then I started getting a light floral scent mingling with the ashes, finally taking over after about two hours with an added touch of (perhaps myrrh) incense. As of now, (7 hours later) it's pure magic shop scent incense. It's nicer than I thought when I wrinkled my nose at it in the bottle, but not a favorite. I will try it again when I get to studying Binah, though.
  15. siriusstar


    CHOKMAH The Primordial Point of Creation, Mazloth, Being Out of Nothingness, the Origin of Thought and the source of the 32 Ways of Wisdom. The oil color is a very dark brown, I'd be careful with it around white clothes! In the bottle it smells very strongly of anise. On, the anise becomes intermingled with a bit of frankincense and what I think is musk. It has a powerfully masculine presence, as it should have. It becomes softer after awhile, but never loses it's inherent masculinity. It's wonderful for use while studying and understanding the meaning of Chokmah, but I probably wouldn't wear it everyday.