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Soft, sweet bourbon vanilla and sensuous benzoin nestled in a haven of lilac blooms.


April Art: A Moment of Joy
April is a moment of joy for those who have survived the winter.
– Samuel Johnson

Artist - Marc Chagall


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The description is exactly what you get. Lilac backed by light vanilla and a hint of resin (the benzoin). I am not a big florals person, but I dearly love lilac. I’ve tried a few blends with lilac, but they’ve always been coupled with other notes that just aren’t me. Vanilla one of my all-time favorites, and I am not disappointed by this blend. I’ve found my lilac, and this is it!

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Thoughts before testing: Nine years ago today, I had my first date with my husband. The house I was living in at the time had two giant lilac bushes by the front door. When I opened the door and saw that unbelievably handsome man standing in the golden afternoon sunlight, I immediately fell in love with him. Since then, to me, lilacs smell like falling in love. Bonus points: I was wearing Antique Lace on that date, so the combination of vanilla and lilac made this an absolute no brainer of a purchase. 

Wet: Beautiful, realistic lilac blooms with just a hint of greenery. It immediately transports me back to July 2015. 

Dry: This stays pretty much a single note lilac on me all the way into the far dry down (an impressive 6 hours!). I don’t detect any vanilla or benzoin except as a faint hint about 2 hours into it and even then it’s just a suggestion of vanilla. 

Final thoughts: I wish this was more vanilla heavy, but the scent association alone is enough to keep this bottle. Maybe the vanilla will become a little stronger as it ages?


Verdict: Keeping. 

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