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BPAL Madness!

Pumpkin Spice Dark ‘N Stormy

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Pour one of these over it: extra spicy rum fizzed up with ginger beer and garnished with a lime wedge.

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Pumpkin Spice Dark 'n Stormy - Here are my fresh from the mailbox goblin impressions. For context, I don't consider myself a "pumpkin spice" person, I like the spice profile but don't tend to go all out on it yearly, but I was intrigued by this enough to blind buy!

Immediately, I am in LOVE with how the sour lime and full spicy rum are balancing out the sweet fizziness of the ginger beer. All of the promised notes are present and robust. Right out the bottle you can smell a sweet smoky molasses-like note, popping into a carbonated middle range ginger beer soda note and ending with the lime trail. I can tell I'm going to be reaching for this a LOT this fall for grocery runs and walks. I can definitely smell the spices in the overall profile, but I don't feel like I'm wearing "that smell" bottled, it does come off as its own complex lovely scent. It also could tempt some people who prefer a more masculine scent profile but want to do something seasonal, it walks a really nice unisex line.

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