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BPAL Madness!

Sugared Peaches and Blackberry Wine

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This is pretty much exactly what it says - heavy on the BPAL peach note, rich and sweet, followed up by blackberries, and a little kiss of wine. It reminds me of some of the Stardust scents - Fairy Wine, perhaps. Nice for late summer/golden autumn!

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Decant.  Ooo! It's lovely in the decant. The peach note is especially delicate & full of juicy peach realness.

Alas, everything delicate & subtle in this blend went away when it came in contact with my skin.  

I knew this was a risk when I ordered a decant, because my skin frequently turns BPAL's subtle fruit blends into "generic fruit candy" in a short period of time. I do better with the dried fruit notes. 

It's doing well in my locket, so I'll enjoy it that way.

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