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BPAL Madness!

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A flutter of quaking aspen, sun-dappled leaves, hollyhock, mist-pale amber,

rose de grasse, milky white musk, iris root, and skin musk.

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I couldn't resist trying this simply because of the artwork, I had to know what it smelled like (same with Angelvs Domini).  I wasn't buying decants for a while but started again because of these Paintings scents.  


*Edit because this did some kind of fruit-adjacent wine thing for the first few days I had it, but it's not really doing that now.  Now it's more white musk with some greenery and a hint of woods. 


After about an hour I start to get the white musk note coming in more (or maybe the pale amber, or both) and overall it becomes a little more "papery" to me.  It's overall a lighter scent through all stages but at this stage, it becomes closer to what I expected based on the notes.  It's basically the colors of the painting in scent form. 


It's a lovely scent and I particularly like how, if I stop trying to smell it and just go about my day, it kind of teases the air and makes itself known in a very subtle way.  I can't really say that I ever smelled wood or anything like rose.  There's a subtle green element but it's not like the dead leaves Halloween scents at all in my opinion.  It's nice and refreshing in the summer but I think if I wore this outside I would sweat it off before I even got to wherever I was going.  In a/c it lasted about 4 or 5 hours before it was mostly gone and I put on something else.  (That's about normal for me) 


Edit: I compared this to Meadow Elves and AoM is more woody than I originally thought.  I have to decide if I want a 5ml bottle of this, it's so great for late summer...


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I guess I'll review stuff coming off site soon as it will help the forum better make a decision.


This one is nice, it has that allllmost fruity green leafy opening of The Little Ghost Who Died For Love, which I also love. That must be the same green sun-dappled leaves note (not dead leaf note, not bell pepper, woohoo!).


There is a point where a little bit of almost a green spice comes through, like if there was a spice that was soft, green, and planty. Kinda like oakmosss but just way way better imo. Could be the iris playing with the green notes.


The skin musk/Neutral vibe accommodates this well. It's clean and fresh underneath and suits the painting. 


Green, fresh, pretty, ethereal, almost glittery. I could see Galadriel wearing this.


I'm so glad I picked this up! Been winning in the fairy and elven vibes recently. I'm enjoying this era of BPAL a lot, 2023's been a fantastic year for the Lab. :wub:

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