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Black champaca petals, Indonesian patchouli, teakwood, myrrh, red benzoin, cumin seed, ti leaf, vetiver, and black amber.

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I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I know I like cumin, and black amber.


Wet: unexpectedly sweet. There's a lot going on here, but I can pick out wiffs of cumin, black amber, it leaf and just a hint of myrrh.


The black champaca is a bit soapy, and the scent gets less sweet and more spicy black amber the longer it sits on me.


All the elements blend well together, and I can only think to describe this is a savory, spicy dark amber with the occasional waft of myrrh.

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i was luckily able to scoop a bottle of this secondhand. so glad i did because it is absolutely delicious. i love champaca. many times when it is blended with a lot of resins/spices it becomes very head shop. the champaca is definitely a main player in this from the get go but the head shop vibe is definitely muted and well blended with the other ingredients.


the cumin, patchouli, and vetiver are all notes i tend to pick out of blends because they're so recognizable, but here they aren't main players for me. neither is the teakwood as, which i was hoping for more of as it's a note i love, but doesn't come out on its own so much here. everything blends together to create a beautiful, warm, lightly spiced background for the champaca. i agree with the above review, the champaca becomes less strong into the drydown but leaves behind the other notes which are still just as beautiful and well-blended without it. decent throw. definitely a win, can't wait to see how it ages

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