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  1. Ciariel


    My bottle of Typhon resurrected is thick and syrupy, left forgotten and unopened for over a decade. The patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver all combine to a dark, warm resiny scent that is exactly as Starbrow wrote above. Black musk is not always my friend, but it's behaving itself here, and is staying dark, warm and not at all powdery. I am so glad I kept it all this time. Now I find myself wondering "how long do bottles last?". This one is pushing 18 years, so I'm going to slather myself in it frequently and enjoy it before it loses its magic.
  2. Ciariel

    Batty Cathedral

    I have not sniffed Cathedral, so I don't have a comparison point. I generally like incense and resins so I was looking forward to this, and was not expecting the blast of fizzy, sweet champagne. There's not much incense or leather here for me - if they're here, they are mere ghosts in the background. I thought maybe my decant was mislabeled but I see other reviewers have had a similar experience.
  3. Ciariel

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    All sugar plums and the faintest floof of marshmallow. I was really hoping for some lavender. Fruity candy, very sweet, and just not my thing. I feel like I've gone back 25 years and am wearing the Lip Smackers Santa left in my stocking.
  4. I bought this because I also have a dog that likes to eat peaches and the idea of a perfume about it made me laugh. On me, this is mostly peaches and vanilla cream, not much marshmallow. There is a "baked goods" kind of quality that made me think of roasted peaches with vanilla ice cream. My partner said: 'You smell like peach pie'
  5. Ciariel

    The Brides of Dracula

    For me, this is a dry, honey-dusted white floral with a swirl of skin musk. The spices and musk get more prominent as time passes. It lasts about 3 hours for me, with little throw. I bought this when it was released and wore it sparingly, wanting it to last forever. 15 years later, I've been cursed with allergies, and can't enjoy this without sneezing.
  6. Returning to BPAL after 13 years working/living in a scent-free environment, and I'm not sure what to order. Somewhere along the way I've developed some scent sensitivities (sinus pressure/headache), and I'm not sure what the problem notes are. I want to shot-gun test my sensitivities. I'm looking for a couple imp packs that would help me sample a broad variety of common BPAL notes but each in a simplish blend for ease of isolating later. I am not looking for a new favourite scent - that will come later! I am suspicious of: spicy scents, evergreens/woods, and florals. My man-friend also thinks he gets headaches from vanilla. Rose red 2008 was fine. Red moon 2007 and Brides of Dracula were not. Samhain 2007 and 2008 give me a headache sometimes. (Mods, I hope this is ok here and not in the allergy thread).