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  1. Sjofn

    Black Rose

    This is going to sound bizarre, but, it smells like the following: a heady rich red rose with a slight hint of green stems, a whisper of powder (how amber plays on my skin sometimes) and a touch of purple grapes. That's right! 🟣 It's pretty great though.
  2. Sjofn

    The Air and the Ether

    2021 decant: I put this on today, not remembering what the notes were and am very surprised at what I smell vs what I should smell (according to the notes listed). Don't get me wrong, it's very lovely, but, all powder on me. I don't notice the lavender at all. I do amp amber into powdery smells sometimes. It's a sweet amber powder with a tiny hint of something dusty in the background. It would be fabulous for layering.
  3. Sjofn

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead

    It's like a perfect blend of Bliss and Beaver Moon 2019. I don't really detect the cardamom (which I've come to realize is not really a scent for me, so I am glad). Even though I have a number of chocolate/cocoa scents, this is a unique enough scent that I am pleased with this blind-purchase.
  4. Sjofn

    Torta Setteveli

    Wow! This is now my ultimate favorite chocolate BPAL. The chocolate is dark, dry and decadent. The hazelnut is there, but not overpowering. I don't actually get much of a cake or creamy experience with this, but, it's sweet enough that it's clearly foodie.
  5. Sjofn

    A Sorceress

    It's probably a chemistry thing, but, I get an overwhelming skin musk + lemon. Even in the bottle. Hoping it will evolve over time.
  6. Sjofn

    Bobbing for Dodos

    I've never smelled the original, Dodo, but this is delightful. Something about the mango and lemon comes across as floral. Maybe it's the agarwood. Supposedly agarwood can smell floral. Basically, you've got to love apples and florals to like this one. At first, it's a bright, sweet apple-floral-pink musk situation. Perfume-y, with good throw. After some time, the apple takes a small step back and the sandalwood comes forward. I don't really detect the cassia. I'm sure time will bring the woodsy bits forward.
  7. Sjofn

    Shadow Lace

    I was desperate for some plum-y lace! It's great, but, it basically dries as a dusty plum oudh. I don't get any cognac or vanilla. Thankful for the tester, but, that purple oudh vibe that I get here can be scratched by others in my collection (Arlecchina, Blackberry & Oudh, etc.)
  8. Sjofn

    White Rose

    A beautiful white rose scent with a barely there herbal or green undertone that you could wear to work. What's really wonderful about this is that it does the job it states...ever single time I wear it!
  9. Sjofn

    Black Ice Sleeper

    In the bottle, it makes me think of some sort of apple-scented cleaning product. It's very bright and strong. I agree with another who say there is some sort of hint of guava in there. On the skin, that astringent cleaning scent goes away and leaves behind an iced (not petricor) apple smell. There's no sweetness to it for me.
  10. Sjofn

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    This starts off smelling a lot like Jumbles (a rich butter cookie rolled in sugar and spice), then ends smelling a lot like Antique Lace (without the lace part). So comforting! Jumbles from an old cookbook called, The Cook Not Mad, 1831: Half a pound of butter, half a pound of sugar, three quarters of a pound of flour, two eggs, rolled in sugar and nutmeg; to be dropped on tins to bake.
  11. Sjofn

    Cacao and Oud

    Straight out of the cold (mailbox), this is gorgeous. At the moment the oud is the star, but I can easily catch the cacao in every sniff. The oud has a floral vibe to it. I can't wait to test it again after it ages!
  12. Sjofn


    I can tell this is going to age splendidly. I do get the same hit of something floral at first, but, it calms down and becomes a subtle sexy red musk. I don't detect the pumpkin, but something is giving the red musk a bit of creaminess. I think everyone who likes red musk should get a bottle for the journey it will take you on!
  13. Sjofn

    See Thyself, Devil!

    This is delightful! Not too sweet, no powder....just a light opium perfume with a hint of lavender. There is a distant touch of something aquatic or petricor-like.
  14. Sjofn

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    As advertised in the name and so damn good. 💯
  15. Sjofn

    Autumn Song 2021

    The dead leaves note in BPAL does not seem to be my thing (yet?), but, I love it in real life. So, I've been looking for something with leaves in it to enjoy...and this seems to be it! I don't know enough about the notes individually to say which stick out for me, but, I can say it has a bright and clean (not soap, not linen) smell hiding in all that fresh and dried leafy/earthy softness. To my inexperienced nose, it smells like there is a touch of something like Glasgow hiding behind the softness. This is a great scent for all.