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  1. lakeplacidskater

    Blossoming Vulva

    I got this in a swap just now, so it's a few years old. I'm so glad I did. When I put it on, it was a very faint clean almost floral fragrance - the tea blossom is softened even more by the vanilla and amber. Later on the oakwood comes out. I think this would be nice to blend with Baby's First Ballista from this year's Liliths to strengthen it. It doesn't last long and it stays close to the skin, but it's a very pleasant scent.
  2. lakeplacidskater

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    2020 version In the bottle: hello peaches in syrup (with a hint of amber) Wet: The peaches have a lovely almost candied quality, the amber comes out and gives the scent more dimension than "just peaches". It's like peaches in the sunshine. Dry: As it dries and the amber comes out, even more, it becomes a sexier scent, but still sophisticated. It feels like a perfume one would wear to a movie premiere, but it can still be worn daily without seeming too unapproachable. It's not quite a foodie scent, it is, as some noted, more like a fruity blossom scent. The amber makes it deeper and more evocative than the typical peach-based fragrance. I loved this so much that I ordered a backup bottle. It's a beautiful spring/summer perfume but I've been wearing it lately to bring some warmth to my days as the winter gets closer.
  3. lakeplacidskater

    Body, Remember

    OMG, I had the exact same reaction. I put this on last night and I got an aggressive sharp, almost floral smell that was almost painful - I didn't identify what it was but I guess it's the sugar cane and the champaca. I was on the verge of relegating it to the destash pile. Then as it sat, it warmed up and I started to smell the coconut, tropical scent. Calmed down, it's what I imagine a tropical island would smell like. So now I'm keeping it lol. 😂
  4. lakeplacidskater

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    This is a perfect description. I definitely smell the butter in the bottle and a little bit on my skin, but the honey does take over. It is very mellow, though, and it doesn't last for a long time. It is a subtle pretty scent and I find it to be great for layering. Tonight I layered it with Baby's First Ballista and LOVED it.
  5. lakeplacidskater


    As a gourmand/foodie scent person, I agree. This is one of the best scents I have, not too heavy, not too light. Funny story - when I first got it, I wasn't immediately impressed. I liked it, but it wasn't as favorable a first impression as, say, Baby's First Ballista and Perfectly Normal Childhood (both of which I have ordered a backup bottle of because I loved them so much). To me, it smelled like a much sweeter version of how a puppy or kitten smells, that fresh, sweet, cuddly smell. I like that scent but wasn't sure I would want to smell like that. I wore it once then discounted it. A few days later, I blindly reached towards my shelf and grabbed this bottle. "Well, I'll give it another shot," I thought. I accidentally put more than usual on my wrists, which turned out to be a good thing. BOTTLE: It does have an almost chemically sharp "edge" to the almond scent. Or like shampoo, it's a clean smell, not unpleasant. WET: Hello almonds. But it's warm, mellow almonds, not bitter almonds. AFTER A WHILE: This is where it really gets amazing. Last night I was bundled up under a blanket. When I took the blanket off, this amazing scent billowed out - pastry, and cinnamon, and cream, and a little bit of the warm, creamy almond scent. That was when I realized that this was one of my favorite scents. I totally agree that having a candle and or home fragrance would be great - I want my life to smell like this.
  6. lakeplacidskater

    The Wish

    I had actually just placed an order a while ago and saw "The Wish" become available so I blindly ordered it in addition to my early fall order with Liliths. I ordered, 1) because the lady on the label kinda looks like me, and 2) because I saw the candied fruits and vanilla and thought it would be right up my alley. WET: It smells like an old fashioned floral perfume like my grandma used to have. I can really smell the patchouli and what I assume is the datura accord, with a bit of amber to strengthen it. ON ME: Pretty much the same. After I wear it for a while the incense comes out but I don't really smell the candied smoked fruit at all. It does have quite a bit of staying power. I wouldn't wear this for casual daily wear, maybe a special occasion? It feels like something you would have to wear with formalwear. I usually steer away from patchouli but it is more balanced than most in my opinion. While it wasn't what I expected, I can see people who like complex floral perfumes enjoying this.
  7. lakeplacidskater


    On me the peaches amp, sweet but not super sweet or artificial smelling. I agree, it does smell like peaches in syrup. After a few hours the cream/honey comes out, and later, (like 8 hours or so later) the sandalwood appears. This is the perfect summer scent but here it is November and I am still wearing it whenever I need a bit of sweetness and optimism in my life LOL. I LOVE this scent and wish I had bought two bottles. ❤️
  8. lakeplacidskater

    Harvest Moon 2020

    I'm ordering it, can't wait to try it! I've liked all the Lunacy scents so far, so I'm sure it won't disappoint. I will return to give a review when I get it.
  9. lakeplacidskater

    Mayhem at the Battlefront

    I just ordered this - I wanted it because of the cardamom, ginger, and honey musk, but reading the reviews is making me a bit concerned that it will smell earthy (I'm a sweet scent type of person). Oh well. I'll have to see how it responds to my skin.
  10. lakeplacidskater

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    I just ordered this, and I'm excited to see what it smells like! I already have Milk Chocolate and Honey, so I'm hoping this is a little richer because of the coffee. Either way, I have a thing for chocolate/honey/sugar scents so hopefully it will work!
  11. lakeplacidskater

    Hay Moon 2020

    This is the perfect description! To me, this is what the seasonal transition from summer to fall should smell like (if that time period had a scent). On me, the honey and the oats are very prominent. No wonder I love this so much, I also like amber, and the different notes blend together so perfectly. This is one of my new favorites!
  12. lakeplacidskater

    The Small Brown Cat

    I am so sad to be seemingly one of the few who REALLY didn't like how this smelled. On me, it smells almost musty. I don't get the cardamom or vanilla at all. It does smell a bit "fuzzy" but it's still quite weird-smelling. It's tough to describe. It's too bad, this is the only scent I can't bear to wear.