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    Zorya Polunochnaya, Cotton Phoenix, Snake Oil, Boomslang, Morocco, Earth Dog, Two Sheep And Two Goats Resting Together In A Field and Cheshire Cat.

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    I’ve known of bpal since early 2017 so I still consider myself quite new to this, but this is already getting me obsessed. Poor wallet...
    Anyway, I adore animals. Always had them around, always will. I like art and to make art. Video games is an interest of mine, mostly one-player games like Skyrim, Zelda,The Last Guardian etc. I also like tv-shows like House, Sherlock, Vikings and Outlander.
    I’m a bit shy but I’m nice.


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  1. SilentWolf

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    I got this one today and I absolutely love it! I was scared that the vetiver would be all over the place and extremely forward but that’s not the case. It’s soft. Reminds me a lot of Morocco right now and I’ve been looking for a scent that’s just as soft as that one and I found it. On me the vanilla portrays itself the most, followed by the wool and lastly a hint of sweet vetiver. I tend to amp vanilla and other sweet notes. The scent stayed quite close to the body and is easy to wear.
  2. SilentWolf

    Beaver Moon 2017

    In the bottle it smells absolutely delicious. Chocolate, caramel, coffee and definately cheesecake. I can smell some spice hiding way back. When it's wet the caramel does something funny on my skin, kinda like Box of Chocolates with whiskey and caramel did. It's not as bad since there's no alcoholic note but I'm a little dissapointed. That phase goes away and I'm left with chocolate, coffee and some caramel. The cheesecake is hiding and the spice comes out. I like it! I've been on the hunt for some chocolate-blends and this is great! It's one of those that stick so well that you can smell it the next day. I'm so glad that I got a bottle.
  3. SilentWolf

    Snow White

    2010 version. This is pretty! In the bottle it’s creamy, coconutty floral with some hint of chill. I don’t need much of this in order to smell myself. Wet, I can understand why people think “plastic”. I think that’s the coldness or the snow spooking before drying down and morphing into actual snow or coldness. . To me it’s cold, creamy, not really floral (I have to say that I’m not familiar with florals, so I’m not sure but I can picture pale flowers). Just delicious and I’m not sure as to what I’m actually smelling other than creamy coconut with some other fun thing. After wearing it for a couple of hours it turns cold. It smells COLD. HOW?! It’s like the scent in the air before the first snow falls. This blend is pretty and it stays for hours. I love this blend!
  4. SilentWolf

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    I got this today and it was the one I was most excited to try. I bought it based on the Snake Oil and marshmallow notes. This one is absolutely great! It’s gentle, sweet and almost foody. It doesn’t smell clean on me and the almond doesn’t take over. It’s creamy marshmallow, vanilla, SO and... something else. Is that supposed to be Snow White? I have no clue what she smells like. This makes me so happy and my friend told me that this one was a “Joffe (nickname) scent”. It’s been on for quite some time and I can still pick up the scent. Definitely one of my new favourites!
  5. SilentWolf

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    This. This one is my absolute favourite. I can't get enough of it. This makes me think of the times I take a midnight stroll in the forest when the moon is shining so bright that you can see your shadow. This was a bottle that I blind-bought and yup, SO glad that I did. I've had my bottles for about a year now (HAD to buy a backup) and I can recall that I thought they smelled clean, almost soapy in the beginning. Not anymore. Now it's just delicious goodness that I slather on heaps of. It's creamy, light and a teeny, tiny bit floral. The vanilla almost makes me hungry. It's delicate and beautiful. My friend got her own bottle and it smelles much cleaner. So if you don't like it at first, let it age a while.
  6. SilentWolf

    Aristocratic Prostitutes in Languid Repose

    I blind-bought this in order to try out something new. I was quite surprised. It is smoky and strong and smells a lot like what I believe is the jasmin. Made me realise that I'm not a fan of jasmine. Sadly, I don't smell the plum in the bottle. On me, the plum becomes more prominent and the jasmine and smoke goes back quite a bit, which I'm thankful for. Everything turns sweeter on me so the end result is sweet, smoky plum with a sharpness to it. It's elegant but it's not me. I'll let this one be so it can get the chance to age. Still glad that I got it! Edit: This is getting better and better. The sharpness that I didn't like is going away, still smoky, can still detect the plum. The scent mellowed down into something that I can wear. I'm going for this more than I thought I would. This one stays on my skin for quite some time.