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  1. LunaClaire

    Honey Rose v45

    This is beautiful. And immediately, I feel a shimmer in my heart chakra, and the feeling of being enveloped. Hugged from the inside. An aside, I've been a serious meditator for the last 25 years, so I may be more open to specific energies, as this feeling is not at all foreign to me. The scent is gorgeous. Rose, beeswax, jasmine. Mostly, I smell the rose as if a flower. It melts into a lovely rose-honey scent. Someone mentioned that there may be repercussions to TALs as one later experiences the opposite effect. For instance first extreme love, maybe, and then extreme grief. I have had a similar experience. I can't say a TAL would be responsible since it happens that way for me in general without an aid. Regardless, it doesn't matter. The goal is to get past the extremes. And the scent is divine.
  2. LunaClaire

    Love Blessing

    Purchased from Etsy, much quicker than the 3-4 weeks suggested on the site. I'm This TAL, "Love's Blessing" has strong soothing qualities. The scent is white florals, and a soft creamy-soapy scent. Very pleasant, soft. I placed a bit on each chakra, concentration on the heart, throat and 3rd eye. I'm a consistent meditator, and feel an immediate shift. As if enveloped and held. Warm and loving. I'm left in a state of centered peace.
  3. LunaClaire

    Durian Fruit Infused Honey with Brandy

    I love durian; yes, it does smell of old dirty socks (valerian on steroids!), but the taste is amazing! An intoxicating blend of banana custard, mango, coffee, chocolate, and...onion or garlic - yes! But it works! Happily Beth captured the taste, not the scent. The brandy is quite sweet and strong initially, and the durian is fruity with the honey. The dry down is golden golden spicy honey. Overall yummy - but alas, I'm a Yew girl! Edited because i can't spell!
  4. LunaClaire

    Yew Berry Infused Honey

    I love this scent - my favorite of the honeys. It starts out on me, as others, with a distinct evergreen note with the honey, that is somehow cinnamony. Somehow smoldering. Then relaxes into a lovely resinous, creamy honey.
  5. LunaClaire

    Panther Moon

    Really love this scent; dark, earthy and resinous. It reminds me strongly of a Mitti Attar that I own; mitti means "baked earth" and it's the initial note I pick up. Then the Nag Champa sets in - the scent is evocative of India. Quite lovely. Kudos Beth!
  6. LunaClaire

    Thirteen (13): June 2008

    Wow - I thought I would have done a review for this scent as I really love it! Probably my favorite 13 scent. I'm sitting here waiting for this month's 13 update, and was going to add my thoughts on the June 2008. But low and behold, I had none. I love the 13 scents, and the mythology behind them. 13 is a particularly holy number in the Gnostic tradition as Pistis Sophia's home is the 13th Aeon. Which is where Christ ascended to help her cross the bridge. Lovely symbolism. This one is a spicy dark chocolate with fruits and resin. The apple, fig and frankincense & nutmeg merge beautifully with the cocoa. Yummy & sinful. Love it!! And I'm wearing this for tomorrow's Friday the 13th.
  7. LunaClaire

    Dia de los Muertos

    Dia de los Muertos 2009 This is lovely; it starts off Jasmine, Pepper & Resins. It melds into a kind of All Souls with a spicy floral beat to it. Not foody, not floral, but earthy and heavenly at the same time. This is from the imp, and it has aged since it arrived. When I first tried it, it was hugely Jasmin. But as it aged over the month, the other ingredients have bloomed. Definitely will purchase a bottle, as it is an overall Autumn/Winter scent - even though Autumn/Winter is only a state of mind in LA!
  8. LunaClaire

    Berry Moon 2009

    Berry Moon Quite nice; a combinations tart berries musk and honey. I don't differentiate the berries - just tart berriness. The dry down is really lovely: honey-musk and berries. Nice scent for the late summer! Edited 9/29/09 to add: Wow - this bloomed after being stored for a month or so! The berries really stand out - and yes - Blueberry! The resins are even more resinous, and the honey more beautiful. I liked it before; I LOVE it now. Many compliments!
  9. LunaClaire

    Litha 2009

    I didn't have many expectations for this scent; but that said, its complex and enchanting. The honey-copal blend makes it sweet and biting at the same time. With a backdrop of herbs and wildflowers. Nice. I'm glad I got it! 6/8/9 Just had to add that I LOVE this scent the more I wear it! So complex and feminine. Signature for Summer!
  10. LunaClaire

    St. John's Eve

    This smells bonfire; plain and simple. An incensey bonfire, but a bonfire just the same. And I LOVE it!!
  11. LunaClaire

    Pulcinella & Teresina

    Funny how chemistries differ - no trace pickles! A soft sweet labdanum with hints of rose. Absolutely beautiful - and I didn't expect it as many of the Carnaval scents don't work as well with me as other scents. Upon drydown, both the rose and the labdanum become fuller, sweeter, and musky. I think I'm in love.
  12. LunaClaire


    Spellbound is amazing on my skin; the rose is a full, moist, sexy bloom. Sweet and salty. Luscious. Heady. Tantalizing.
  13. LunaClaire


    Simply lovely. Animalistic - musk, maybe ambergris. Smokey, woodsy, I detect vanilla, and a bit of hay. A hint of fruit that's sweet - berry I would assume. Mmmm.
  14. LunaClaire

    The Deserted Village

    First off - I love chypre scents, so I sensed ( ) that the Deserted Village would be my favorite Irish Bard scent. I wasn't disappointed. The scent is primarily red currant & honey; grounded by the labdanum & ambergris. It's a bit earthy, a bit dry, which only serves to ground the sweetness. I wish I could smell the bergamot a bit more, but the I'm loving this scent just the way it is. It's sexy, sophisticated, sweet & tart - just love it! A bottle is in order!! Excuse me while I go back to sniffing my arm...
  15. LunaClaire

    Thirteen (13): April 2007

    April 2007 - Purple Label. I love chocolate & the number 13, but I think I amp catnip. Must wash off. Quickly.