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  1. Prince Of Hearts

    Ode on Melancholy

    Everything in this bottle blends together too well for any one scent to stand out. It definitely has this water-soaked flower scent coming out of the bottle directly. Unfortunately with my body chemistry -after the dry down- it starts to smell like the soap in a doctors office. I certainly smell clean, just not what I was wanting personally.
  2. Prince Of Hearts

    The Enkindled Spring

    I'm truly going to miss this one honestly. I still have a bit left from my bottle. This was the most PERFECT scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers I've ever smelled in my entire life. Fresh cut stems, leaves and petals all in one! The most luscious spring conflagration I've ever smelled. Like walking into a florist shop 💐
  3. Prince Of Hearts


    I didn't know something could SMELL like comfort (if you like earthy, spicy, and citrusy kinda scents). It's amazing. It's like someone wrapping you in a warm, and soft blanket gently telling you, "It's ok. Everything will be ok, I promise." My soul is filled. Thank you!
  4. Prince Of Hearts


    Wet/in bottle: Yep, that's a lot of angelica and lemon grass, lol. Dry: Very citrusy and herby with the sweet, gummy touch of frankincense. The fennel and angelica play well together. Very "loud" scent. Not something I would wear out in public, but PERFECT for self protection and cleansing.