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  1. radishbaby

    Archangel Winter

    I'm always a sucker for BPALs "snow" scents - our love for each other is mutual so I went ahead and ordered all I could find of this. In the Bottle : Cool and sweet. Wet/Dry : Usually I break this part of my review into two sections but I've never had a scent stay so exactly the same through the dry down (its uncanny) that I'll put it together for once. On me this becomes a more masculine, less sweet version of Snow White, even someone else backed this up by telling me that it smelled pretty masculine. Both of these scents remind me of something very cold, and very beautiful but while Snow White promises temporary respite from the cold Archangel is endless, perfect white snow as far as the eye can see. The ozone in this isn't too sharp - it smells more windy to me than anything else and it layers beautifully under a sweet, glass like scent. I wish I could tell you how much I love this scent but so far worlds fail - I'll definitely be buying more of this. I can't believe that its only a limited edition!
  2. radishbaby


    In the Imp : Oh god its DRAGONS BLOOD. Nooooooooo. And pomegranate is in visiting from out of town to help it rape my senses. Thanks guys. Wet : *sniff* The dragons blood is . . . gone. Instead I get something sweet but its like the faded passing of something sweet. This is rather . . . nice. Mimosa and myrrh are hanging out together nicely as they usually do. Mimosa has a dampening effect on most strong notes on my skin that would otherwise be too over powering so the patchouli is barely even noticeable. Dry : Have you ever cracked an animal bone in two and held it up to your nose? This is exact what it smells like, so much so that I'm wondering how this one isn't the Dragon's Bone scent. The scent is like dried old bones, very dusty and gritty but at the same time there's something a tiny bit wet on the inside which is the dragons blood but its so far gone it's not even bothering me. Over All : This is an exquisite scent and I can't believe I've actually found something with dragons blood in it that doesn't hate me. Big Bottle Worthy : No, but this imp will see lots of love.
  3. radishbaby


    In the Imp : Smells like guava. Wet : I tried this before and had a vague memory of it turning pure salt on me but as so often I made no notes so now I'm starting fresh. So far there's still a lot of guava but the amber and musks are coming out a bit to produce an incredibly sweet scent. I know the description says night air but I think this smells a whole lot more like early morning to me. Dry : The guava has finally taken a back seat, thank god, and now this is a very nice sweet perfume. The musk and amber seem to have settled in and neither one is too overpowering. I don't really get any "desert" from this though, oh well. A touch of mandarin has also surfaced. Over All : Not what I remember, still not what I like. Big Bottle Worthy : No. The scent is really lovely and it delivers as promised the listed scents but it just isn't my thing.
  4. radishbaby

    Jezirat Al Tennyn

    In the Imp : I was a tad bit worried that this might have dragons blood in it because of the description but so far nothing. There's something sweet in here but its definitely not dragons blood. Wet : Have you ever taken a walk outside and taken a deep breath only to realize that everything smells, well, really nice? lol This is a wonderful scent that doesn't smell sweet at all in the traditional sense of certain plants being purposely selected. Instead its more a natural sweet that seems to have come into being just by there being a lot of greenery around - very jungle like. Also there's something very dry under all of it that smells like rock that I'm guessing is the smoke and fire part and a touch of something that smells like caramel where the two scents meet. Dry : Faded pretty fast. The jungle scent is still lingering but all of the rock and smoke have blown away. Over All : Very nice and intriguing. Big Bottle Worthy : Hm, it fades to fast to warrent anything more than an imp but while wet this was a very nice testing.
  5. radishbaby

    Queen Mab

    In the Imp : Oh sweeeet. I smell orchid and light sandalwood and other florals. Wet : Why hello there wrist you are smelling mighty fine today if I do say so myself with your super fine combination of Rose! Orchid! and Osmanthus! And what lovely throw - I keep getting whiffs of it as I type. I can definitely detect a difference between the "black orchid" in this and the other orchid scents The Lab uses; this is more deep and sweet and lacks that buttery feeling the other orchid scents have. I remember describing the orchid in Oberon as "big and white" where as this one, true to it's name, is a soft and silky black. This actually is reminding me a bit of the few CD scents. I can't stop sniffing my arm - this is like pure faerie crack! @_____@ Dry : The sandalwood has really made an appearance and there's a slight tang from the Chinese musk. My beloved orchid is still there but it seems to have gone from fresh and wet to dry. Over All : I'm glad to see that orchids seem to take a liking to me since I love the fragrance and Maab is no exception. Big Bottle Worthy : Do not pass go. Do not go to jail. Buy big bottle NOW.
  6. radishbaby

    Loup Garou

    In the Imp : "The woods are lovely dark and deep . . . " Wet : Cypress and the faintest hint of juniper and something . . . something. I'm going to go on ahead and say its the galangal and its adding an animalistic note to this. Its a very strange, dark note that's hard to peg down but there's definitely something "wolfish" about it. Dry :Cypress and some other woodsy notes - the eucalyptus and juniper have decided to combine their powers and become one note. Gone is the galangal which kept making strange appearances. This is a very nice deep, foresty scent now - it seems all the werewolves have changes back and gone home for the day. Over All : I really like this one. I'm sorry that I can't say much more than that but I do. Big Bottle Worthy : Yes, or at least a few more imps but it would be nice to have a home for them.
  7. radishbaby

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    In the Imp : Orange blossom and cold cream. Wet : Orange blossom and cold creme. lol Surprise, surprise. There's also a very faint scent that I'm going to go ahead and label as iris This kind of smells like expensive orange soap. Strangely enough it kind of also reminds me of being in New Orleans. Dry : If you've ever smelled the absolute inner part of an orange blossom, even past the stamen and pistol you've smelled this perfume. Over All : This would be better suited to someone else. Big Bottle Worthy : No.
  8. radishbaby

    Snow White

    In the Imp: Nothing too special. Wet : This has an incredibly long "wet" period on me and just won't dry off. So far it smells like slightly unpleasant almond men's cologne. Dry : I'm still getting way too much almond from this. I will admit that it's become nicer and softer however. Over All : I'm so up in the air about this one. On one hand I want to say its awful and I hate it and on the other I want to say there's just something really horribly unique about it Big Bottle Worthy : Unsure Edit : I tried putting this up to my nose several hours later and it had mellowed out a great deal and turned into something that I think I could give my heart to. It's sweet without being too sweet, and sharp without being stomach turning. The thing I've come to realize about Snow White is that she's different. She has such a unique smell about her that you can't come to her with any preconceptions about how this will and will not smell on you. I'll go ahead and change my answer to "yes" on the Big Bottle Worthy part since I seem to be falling for this, but its a different kind of love, unlike anything else in the catalogue.
  9. radishbaby

    Dolce Stil Nuovo

    In the Imp : A nice floral with a tendency to lean towards the rose otto. Wet : Carnation has made a very strong showing but unlike a lot of other scents I get it in, it isn't the least bit spicy. Dry : A bit of lavender and amber have come out now. After a few more hours I can still smell this but its turned into pure rose powder. Over All : Weak throw and scent, and even then pn me it's nothing really stunning. Big Bottle Worthy : No.
  10. radishbaby


    In the Imp : Nothing particularly memorable, just smells like common perfume. Wet : The apple in this is crazy! Its so astringent to my nose it almost smells like lemon. Dry : This really smells like apple and lemon peels to my nose. The apples are really green and super astringent. The ylang ylang and rose are awol. After another 30 min or so this settles down and becomes sweet for about 5 minutes before turning into soap. Over All : Just not the thing with my chemestry. Big Bottle Worthy : No.
  11. radishbaby

    Wilhelmina Murray

    In the Imp : Flowers, resin and myrrh. Damn this has me scared - I'm really interested in finding out what those Daemonorops reson parts smell like but myrrh has this habit of sticking to me like glue and killing everything around it. Oh well here goes. Wet : Hm, tea rose with a hint of sandalwood, the flowers are very sweet and pale, not overly sugary but they're mellowing out the myrrh and the musk. This blend holds several dreaded ingrediants for me so I was hesitant about trying them together but this smells pretty nice so far and shows no hint of turning into sandalwood soap so far. Dry : Hm, this is starting to tingle. 5 Minutes Later : This is starting to burn! Ack! But as soon as I got to the sink the sensation had disappeared - strange! Now this smells like a generic antique ladies perfume. Like the rest of the OotD scents I've encountered so far this is totally well suited to the character its been set to but nothing in particular is striking me as really outstanding. Very nice and soft. Over All : Well it burns like fire for about 3 minutes and that's all I'm going to say about that. Big Bottle Worthy : No
  12. radishbaby

    The Castle

    In the Imp : Mmm, there's the pine being very sticky and sappy, there's something a little bit rotted which I'm going to say is the leaves. Wet : : It's pine and something terrible. Not to say that there's something terrible smelling, but the smell of something terrible. The pine is still there but there's something else that I can't place. The description says dungeouns and memory or stunning violence and while I try and shy away from getting overly dramatic when reviewing a scent - there's just no other way I can describe this. I can't wrap my mind around this but this smells like pain, despair and violence. This smells like a place you couldn't get out of and never wanted to visit in the first place. This is incredible. I know I know - youre going to say that actions don't have a scent, but these ones do and it's in this bottle. Dry : Very old room smell. Polished, dry wooden furnature. There's still some pine ghosting around through all of this and now the moss has decided to come out - but its not the chilly fresh kind of moss I get from other scents, this is very dry long dead moss. It's like whatever bad was happening in the wet stage is finally over and has left, but its left a feeling of unease behind it. Over All : I'm actually a little spooked how true this is to it's description. Big Bottle Worthy : Yes. The smell its self is incredibly sophistocated and beautiful. The image it captures is frightening. If I can ever find a bottle of this I'll whord it till my end days.
  13. radishbaby

    Fire Eater

    Wet : Smells like expensive soap. Dry : Oh poo I was expecting something very warm from this like cinnamon but all I get is bath soap. Over All : Just a very nice Indian sandalwood soap scent. Big Bottle Worthy : Well either way I'm going to say yes since I've become obsessed with collecting this series. But based on scent alone I'm going to say no.
  14. radishbaby


    In the Imp : There's something slightly tangy in the oil - juniper berries perhaps? Wet : This has a remarkably short "wet" time on me before my skin soaks it up. At first there was a small hint of patchouli that went like harsh smoke on me but when I checked a few minutes later it was gone. Now this is pure orchid. Dry : Big, buttery white orchids. The musk and juniper berries add a slight tang. This is gorgeous! A very white, gauzy scent - I've been looking for a good orchid scent and I think I can say quite confidently that the search is over. Over All : The is a really nice scent - wonderful representation. Nice throw, good stay. Big Bottle Worthy : Not full. More like partial bottle or a few more imps to my collection worthy.
  15. radishbaby

    Fairy Market

    In the Imp : Mmm, this smells nice and sweet. I'm looking foreword to this. Wet : "OH MY GOD" These were the first words that left my mouth. Sweet and chilly, this is by far and hands down the best scent I've ever had the pleasure of sampling from the lab. I can *smell* the night air in this - its exactly how I would expect a fairy market to smell. Dry : Uh oh this is soaking up suspiciously fast. Oh boo! I can hardly smell this at all! Noooo! Come back Fairy Market come back! My only hope is that perhaps this is one of those scents that others can smell but I can't. Oh my breaking heart. If I press my nose close I can get amber and sugared candies and a small hint of flowers. If this had any amp to it, it would be exquisite in every sense of the word. The grass has also come out and wonder of wonders this is the first scent I've tried that has dew covered grass in it that actually smells like, well, dew covered grass and not dried pasta with a side of allergic reaction if you will. Over All : While wet this was the single best experience of my little sniffing addiction. The fact that it disappear is to tragic than words can say. I love this so much I want to give it as many chances as possible to start showing up on me. Big Bottle Worthy : Yes. Without a doubt yes. Even if it only lasts for 3 minutes, it is with out a doubt worth it.