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  1. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Heavy Damask Rose just comes through like a sledgehammer - thick and heavy. On me: Carnation comes through, carried on a much lighter and softer rose - then turns powdery on me. A shame since I quite liked its first notes after it was applied to skin.
  2. nightchild80

    Dragon's Tears

    Bittersweet yet powerful: salty aquatic notes and bursting with dragon's blood. In the Imp (wet): The first whiff is sticky sweetness. The aquatic note is not as sharp as Dirty or R'Lyeh On me: Jasmine. The sweetness reminds me of thick bushes of jasmine in full bloom, a scent I've associated with church novenas and women would offer up thick rope garlands of the flower to the Madonna. The salty twang doesn't show up on me until after 15mins and reminds me of the open ocean on a cloudy day. I am actually relishing this one, for the memories it invokes of these childhood spiritual experiences. This is definitely I can see myself wearing on a daily basis.
  3. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Heady, sharp herbs and more reminiscent of a stuffy old cupboard filled with Nanah's vintage clothes. Not impressed yet. On me: Such sweetness is coming through, revealing a more regal yet mature Queen Elizabeth. This is a woman not to be trifled with, yet is gracious is every way. The citrusy orange flower and lemon peel are soft, and I'm actually digging Bess now.
  4. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Syrupy sweet milk and honey, with a hint of bergamot that brings to mind a child's tea party with over-sweetened Earl Grey tea. On me: The rose and carnation are the predominant notes for me in the long push, but mellows out to make way for the honey after about 20 mins. Initially the scent is so girlishly sweet and artifical, but if you wait out that little bit, Alice turns out to be quite a pretty scent that is graceful.
  5. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Old lady. Really decaying old lady. On me: Urgh, soap. Sickly sweet soap.
  6. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Yummy juicy sweet Chinese pear and what smells like the tiniest hint of almond. On facial cotton (dry): - On me: There's this juicyness that drives me crazy with happiness. It reminds me of standing on a porch with a glass of white wine, looking over full fruit orchards on a chilly evening. It's a lovely day scent for the weekend or just hanging out. Unfortunately it tickles my nose if applied early in the morning. An annoying aspect, but tolerable.
  7. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): I had expected this scent to be juicy, but it emerged thick with jasmine. On facial cotton (dry): This scent is dry and tarty. These white florals are heady and sweet, demanding. On me: The first notes are sharp and assault my nose, but the jasmine pulls through and soothes the tartiness. This is not a light scent though, as the florals are heavy. I blame this on the jasmine. And it evolves into something that is pretty, but uninteresting and uninspiring. Not for me at all.
  8. nightchild80

    Snow White

    In the Imp (wet): Bright and a type of clean floral that seems untouchable. On facial cotton (dry): The barest hint of sweetness... maybe vanilla? On me: I'll admit that my first impression of Snow White 2007 was less than impressed. It seemed too alien, but it's grown on me. It's feminine, but not girly girl at all. This is freshly fallen snow, that sparkles in light and feels like soft powder. It promises of clear diamond ice shards on tree branches and biting winds.
  9. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): From the description alone, I grew unsure if this scent would appeal enough to join my daily collection. My expectations were for an extremely masculine bouquet, but on the first whiff, the sharpness of the lemon peel strike first, refreshing the senses for the scent of fresh sweat and sex from the leather. If this is a masculine scent, it is one from a man who has youth and strength on his side, and a body who is hard from work and sun. On facial cotton (dry): On the cotton, the fruits come out strongest, with mint playing court jester. It is feminine, youth and joy... untainted by time or experience. There is no hint of the man from the imp at all. On me: Ah, there he is. The white tea has softened him and hints of a spring romance with no one but you for company. It is a first love that will be bittersweet at the end, but fondly remembered in old age. What reservations I had before are completely and utterly unfounded.
  10. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Sweet sweet sweet! Like peeling back the skin of a ripe juicy kumquat and there's that burst of yummy citrus. On facial cotton (dry): The citrus sweetness ebbs down to make way for the more predominant crisp pepper note. This is so yummy! It sings of summer and bright warm sunshine. On me: This is so heavenly, I could eat myself. So not kidding when I say this is juicy, sweet, citrus clean. When I waved my arm at the SO, he pounced and said I smelt like a lollipop. Heh... ()
  11. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): The patchouli and fig are pretty strong, and I'm not sure I will like this scent much. On me: I am usually quite weary of scents with patchouli, as they are a hit-and-miss with me. But Tweedledum has such a yummiest to it that seems almost syrupy. It's thick and decadent, with a hint of childish mischief and madness.
  12. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): They weren't kidding when they said RICH myrrh. This is really heady. On facial cotton (dry): The myrrh is overpowering the jasmine. There is no rose. On me: Ah ha! I am amping the rose, but the myrrh isn't giving up. It's an indulgent scent with a warmth not too dissimilar to Penitence or the Lion.
  13. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): Oh, this is all man. The combi of bergamot and lavendar makes me swoon. On facial cotton (dry): The rich bergamot relaxes in the backseat, hat over his eyes, while the jasmine drives, ciggy in and lavendar navigates. I can see myself drooling over a man wearing this scent. On me: This scent is very similar to Davidoff's Cool Water. My skin brings out the bergamot and jasmine.
  14. nightchild80

    Blood Pearl

    In the Imp (wet): I smell the musk, but it seems to have a spice note in it. And I get the tiniest hint of liquorice. Not a good sign. On facial cotton (dry): Ooooo! The coconut is showing up, but it's refreshing, rather than the heavy cream I was expecting. On me: I like how the musk is soft and the coconut gives it a twist and a little life. However, this scent may give me a headache if worn in excess and a drop seems to go a long way.
  15. nightchild80


    In the Imp (wet): The very first thought that popped into my head when I took that first whiff was 'Bodyshop'. I used to have a perfume oil called Dewberry from them and this first note brought that memory back. It's bright and floral sweet, like a fresh spring day in an open country side. On facial cotton (dry): Definitely one of those fresh blossom florals that sing of youth and innocence. Think Bambi, Walt Disney princesses from by-gone-eras when little forest animals would come braid your hair and weave a gorgeous gown out of morning dew. On me: The dewberry is a predominant note of sweetness, though tampered with the cutting sharpness of green spring freshness. I can imagine this might give me a headache on some days and it can be strong, so I would dab with caution.