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  1. NebulaKnitter

    Dreams Shape the World

    I impulse bought this and the Death scent when they first popped up on the site. I was immediately taken aback at the whiff of oudh in the bottle, but after settling it seems to have chilled out. Or maybe I'm not as averse to oudh and it's MY skin chemistry that has calmed down. Either way, this has aged gorgeously. In the bottle it's a wet and heavy dark lavender, with the slightest fecundity, like a freshly mulched flowerbed after a heavy rain. On my skin, the wet damp oudh is balanced by the aggressive lavender, and the first few moments make me think of a warm and wet kind of rot, not indolic but the kind of funk that means something is growing in your water barrel. fortunately that battle fights itself out without any grimaces and as it dries, a soft and close to the skin sexiness comes forth. On me, the drydown smells like a sensuous sweet cologne, with the amber and lavender a dreamy combo against the crystal latticework of the musk. I want to cuddle up with this, smelling it reminds me of the caress of a lover in my dream, face poorly defined but the sensation of their embrace tangible if I close my eyes. A sultry and comfy blend, more ambiguously lavender in the end than I was expecting, and more of a warm softness compared to the sugary sweetness of TKO.
  2. NebulaKnitter

    The Robeky Venus

    In the bottle I get a bright juicy currant with a smooth undercurrent of a cola scent that I want to say is labdanum. It's coquettish and flirtatious, bright and sweet. The innocence belies it's sensual promise. On the skin, the currant fades back and I detect a well blended evening time scent, the labdanum weighing down the currant. As it dries, the dusty and tannic scent of sandalwood ground the otherwise sultry blend. But don't be too put off, it only calms down for a little bit. After an hour it recedes and I'm left with a gorgeous and elegant headiness, the ambergris grounds it while the vanilla silk seems to hold close to the skin, just a hint of rose peeking through. Hours later it's like I'm lounging in the silky bedsheets of a gorgeous woman, vanilla and rose the dominant notes with the barest hint of currant. Very close to the skin, creamy and smooth, enchanting and sweet. Glad I splurged for a bottle of this, it goes from juicy to dry to creamy and stays interesting and alluring the entire time.
  3. NebulaKnitter

    The Man in Black

    Fresh out of the mail, the crossroads soil is prominent. Considering it was listed last, I didn't expect it to synergize with the black leather as much as it did. Immediately on the skin, it's a dank old leather sent, like a steal of a leather jacket from a thrift shop. It smells ancient and half buried. After half an hour on the skin, it starts to soften up, almost sweet clinging to my skin. The earthy scent is there, but it's more the echo of soil with the black leather. I am excited to see how it settles, ad hopeful the tonka and tobacco become more prominent with time.