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  1. mizliz2176

    Zip Line

    My Danger Baby loves to do crazy things and for some reason, I am always chosen to accompany her on these adventures. (Editors note: its because her mother possesses an actual survival instinct.) At the Renaissance Faire, we rode the zip line. and lets just say that it rode up a bit on my naughty bits. As we stepped off the ledge, I screamed MY BALLS, and Lilith thought it was soooooo funny. Brown leather and bourbon vanilla with honeyed oudh and cinnamon buns. First of all, i suck at reviews. BUT I love this. Very well blended. At first the leather and cinnamon dominates, but then the drydown happens and it all kind of melts together into this warm, comforting, soft leather and bakery scent. I do feel its somewhat masculine, but not enough to scare me away, which most masculine scents do. Glad to have blind bottled.
  2. mizliz2176

    Lemon Peel, Marshmallow, & Orange Blossom

    Beautiful! And then gone in 5 minutes 😭
  3. mizliz2176

    Devils of the Pit Hair Gloss

    When first sprayed "ummm...that kinda stinks". Couple minutes in and it all melds together beautifully. Honestly the leather doesn't read as leather to me , but rather enhances/alters the patchouli to make a different version of patchouli for me. The honey is that floral honey like snakes kiss (no this does not smell like snakes kiss, but only comparison I have) rather than the sickly animalic honey I sometimes get from other blends. All together it's dark, sinister and sensual. Me likes.
  4. mizliz2176

    Amber Incense & Honey Cakes

    This is beautiful. Foodie but not overly so to me. The Amber makes it glow enough that I don't feel like I simply rolled in a dessert. Warm, comforting, unobtrusive. Will get lots of wear this away.
  5. mizliz2176

    Twelve Drummers Drumming Hair Gloss

    Eleven Pipers PipingTen Lords-A-Leaping Nine Ladies Dancing Eight Maids-A-Milking Seven Swans-A-Swimming Six Geese-A-Laying Five Golden Rings Four Calling Birds Three French Hens Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree Black leather and chrome spikes. This leather is swoon worthy. Its the same as the haute macabre hg to my nose, but turned down a 1/2 notch (haute macabre hg was wayyyy too over the top for me). It does have a cologney vibe that comes and goes that I wish wasn't there, but not stopping me from buying a full size! Layered with snake oil hg...BOOM, almost snake skin hg! ( not quite as good as an ACTUAL snake skin hg would be, but still)
  6. Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor. ― William Cowper, 1785 Forget about the War on Christmas the years most contentious seasonal battle is actually waged over this inescapable melange of palate-massaging flavors. Weve got the formula down pat, and invite you to join us in a mad-science experiment: Just how far can we bend it before it breaks? #1 When I sniffed in the bottle, I thought "ehhh, probably a no". But after letting it settle a few and spraying it in my hair, I'm in love. Pumpkin spice of course, but subdued by what I think is a pine/spruce note, gingerbread and champaca. Heady and perfect for the season! Crazy how random mashings of notes can turn out so gorgeous. I would never have purchased a scent with all those note together, but would be missing out by not! Definitely going to "spin again" and order another!
  7. mizliz2176

    L'Essence de L'Engouement Hair Gloss

    Intoxication of the First Kiss French vanilla, pink candies, strawberry sugar, and orange blossom. OK I suck at reviews. But since there still aren't any posted for this I feel that SOMEONE has to do it. This one is GORGEOUS. Dark pink strawberry candy, with just enough vanilla to calm it down some. The orange blossom is just the glue between the other notes. I had such high hopes for enveloped in silk, but I was in the minority and was let down. THIS is what I had hoped for. Even the man thing adores this and he's not easily impressed with my smellies. Will be getting a backup after my decants arrive and I decide on other full size purchases. This was one of two full size blind buys.
  8. And yet, not /too/ sweet! Really enjoying this one! Will be wearing it to my Christmas eve festivities. The mint is subdued like it is in cabbage white hg. It's more apparent when first sprayed, then becomes a pillow soft mint in the background of an almost Angel food cake vibe from the powdered sugar and vanilla cream. When first sprayed the cinnamon is more apparent from the snickerdoodle but quickly recedes to simply become a barely there tie in component. Will definitely be getting some wear time over here!
  9. mizliz2176

    Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss

    Surprise win! The Apple note is sweet, not too tart. The bourbon and brown sugar (NOT the dreaded burnt caramel note!) really round the Apple out so well. And I underneath it all, I get a whiff of something that reminds me of the only mainstream perfume I've held on to (and there were A LOT that i got rid of after discovering oils)... atelier silver iris. Don't misunderstand, this doesn't smell like mainstream perfume or even the silver iris blend. But there is "something" in both that is a unique smell that I had never encountered before and I love it. I almost want to describe it as "good lipstick" but that sounds very unappealing .
  10. mizliz2176

    The Purple Window Hair Gloss

    Mmm, sweet blackberry. I get something that reminds me of celeste underneath it all. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a note I have only smelled in celeste and one other that I THINK was volcanoes in springtime. It's hard to deacribe. But I'm so glad I snatched this on a whim.
  11. mizliz2176

    Sugar Cookie Hair Gloss

    Yessss....like the best smelling vanilla candle I've ever smelled. I dunno why, but to me I get that gentle, calming candle wax vibe ...with vanilla cake. WINNER. Backups in order.
  12. mizliz2176

    Dead Leaves and Wildflower Honey Hair Gloss

    The dead leaves note isn't really my thing...but I keep trying. This is the most wearable version to me! The honey tempers what always comes off as harshness to me in a beautiful way. Oh, and I also hate honey. But somehow REALLY enjoyed this blend.
  13. mizliz2176

    Ghoulish Hair Gloss

    Heavennnnly! Seriously...I needed a hundred backups. But then five minutes later it was completely gone. The scent just disappeared. And now I'm rocking in a corner crying because this coulda been so great.
  14. mizliz2176

    Truth Will Prevail

    On me, this is stekk with cardamom. Cardamom is strong when first applied, but dissipates down to become more balanced with the vanilla and cream after a bit. It's a love child between steak and whatever that harvest one from the empress was called (that I didn't get but ALMOST did) in my noses opinion.
  15. mizliz2176

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain Hair Gloss

    #3. Ah-mazing! I swear this has dragons milk in it. Anyone who has tried dragons milk hair gloss knows it has a unique, extra potent, oil thick smell. That sounds awful but I don't know how else to describe it. It just has a different texture to the scent then other hairglosses. I detect that same awesomeness in here. Plus I think extra apple. I could be totally off of course...lol WIN. Will be buying another.
  16. mizliz2176

    Cabbage White Caterpillar Hair Gloss

    Wet it does smell like trix or fruit loops! Kinda wish it stayed that way. When dry, the mint is a gentle mint similar to alisz but less minty then that if that makes sense. Mint marshmallow is an apt description. The lemon sugar is soft and subdued. It really is quite lovely, I was initially put off when I read mint and almost didn't order. I'm broke as shit or I'd get a backup. depending how long they stay up, I still may.
  17. mizliz2176

    Like a Girl

    This isn't faint at all to me as others describe (granted its only been on for five minutes). I just did one swipe from my decant wand and it's fairly potent...and gorgeous. Very feminine in an understated way. A dusty vanilla sandalwood with a hint of nonfloral floral....if that makes sense. Only say that because I despise most florals and this is lovely.
  18. mizliz2176

    Romans 13:8

    Damn chemistry. Wet this was beautiful on me, and I immediately was contemplating multiples. Then my hormones ruined it and it turned to soap. This is fresh out of the mail, and it is a bad time of the month. Retesting is in order at a later date. I'll be back...
  19. mizliz2176

    Naughty Hair Gloss

    Your friendly neighborhood sex shop: gleaming black leather, latex, and musk. Sexy, warm leather with a musk backdrop. I have a mild latex allergy, and I think my body rejected the "latex" scent because it made me feel horribly nauseous. Sucks because I loved the scent, but had to ultimately rehome.
  20. mizliz2176

    L'Essence de la Passion Hair Gloss

    The All-Consuming Flames of Passion Red musk, carnation, myrrh, and honey. All the notes play lovely together, for me the myrrh is just a background note that's barely there. It almost reminds me of a less tart, slightly syrupy from the honey, holiday hg. The honey doesn't go funky like it usually does for me. A winner in my book and happy I blind bought a full size.
  21. mizliz2176

    Sept Hair Gloss

    i adore this one. It reminds me a bit of the mainstream perfume parisienne, which I loved, but went funky on my skin. I mostly get soft rose, no screechy floral tinge n sight. The vanilla rounds it out to make it even softer, and I personally can't tease out the frankincense. This one is plush and whimsical to me. Hubby disagrees and calls it baby powder...but I get none of that. Perhaps a bit of powder as in an old Victorian body powder that would sit on a guided vanity. But even then, I don't like to use the description "powdery". I'm so pleased that this update has changed my feelings towards rose notes. This and dix are the winners for me. Ordered backups.
  22. mizliz2176

    Server Gremlins

    Server gremlins = Stinky bastards...fitting
  23. Red musk, neroli, pink peppercorn, and orange blossom. An initial blast of sexy red musk. After drying down it tames itself and I get a hint of vixen-ish beauty from the orange blossom. For me, the neroli is a barely there brightening agent at first, but does makes its presence known later on. No pink peppercorn jumps out at me, but not sure id even know it if it was. All and all, very well blended and smells divine! Getting a backup.
  24. mizliz2176

    The Gilded Coach Hair Gloss

    Dried fruits, sweet cakes, and gingerbread nuts. So this is who is nibbling hg, with a little less tooth rotting sweetness, replaced by an air of opulence that I cannot place. What is that unlisted note? I dont want to call it perfumey per se...perhaps its a bit of sweet pea? Fits the artistic impression of the name perfectly! But a gilded coach in Candy land!
  25. mizliz2176

    The Bird of Prey

    I think this one is beautiful. Warm, cozy musk with sweetened leather. One of only five scents out of allll the recants I bought, that I'll be springing for full bottles of ( edible g-string, snake skin, snake kiss, smut)