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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is Hellcat (A soft, sensual, luxuriant blend with a wicked bite: hazelnut, buttercream, honey mead, rum and sweet almond). It's boozy and sweet and at least a little bit evil
  2. ankhfangirl72


    Wet on skin this is very similar to Cheshire Moon if i'm remembering it right. Tropical fruit with a creamy vanilla note. As it dries down I get a little bit of apple and what I think is the carnation. After a few hours it's turned into a much more powdery scent, a lot like Snow White to my nose. It's soft and sweet but not overly fruity anymore.
  3. ankhfangirl72

    Aquarius 2007

    Wow, aging has really made a difference to this one. When I first tried it last year (fresh from the lab) I hated it. It was just too sharp and ozone-y for me and if I remember rightly, I had to wash it off because it made me feel ill Now, though, it's so much better, more fruity than before. I can just about smell the anise but it's mainly the pomegranite coming through. It's still got a tough of ozone in the background but it's a lot sweeter and creamier than before. It's definitely airy though so it's a perfect aquarius scent. Not perfect for me, but then again I'm not a proper aquarius
  4. ankhfangirl72

    A mechanic's shop - oil, gasoline, exhaust

    Have you tried Scarecrow? It has a strong petrol-y smell to it, at least it does to me
  5. ankhfangirl72

    L'Heure Verte

    L'Heure Verte is very sweet at first, in fact it smells not just sweet but like actual sugar. The anise isn't that obvious to begin with but comes out after a few minutes. The lilac and the rose water are there for a while but then they fade out again to leave sugary anise goodness behind. It's lovely. Sweet and light but with the smokeyness behind it. Yum
  6. ankhfangirl72


    Samhain ('07) is one of my favourite bpals ever, I've yet to try this year's version but I'm going to have to order a bottle or two before it goes away again. I find it smells different each time I wear it but it's always fantastic. Today I'm getting a lot of patchouli and the spices from it with the pumpkin and apple in the background. It usually smells much more pumpkin-y on me and sometimes the apple comes out a lot more. It's the only scent I have that smells so vastly different on different days, but that's part of the fun, I never know what's going to amp when I put it on. Anyway, I love it A LOT
  7. ankhfangirl72

    Queen Gertrude

    A very sweet, light violet scent. It's very pretty and it does have an icy feel to it.
  8. ankhfangirl72


    This smells like dry, mossy earth and fresh roses that have been out in the rain. The dirt and the rose work well together and stop you from smelling too much like an actual zombie. Because, while fun in concept, I doubt they smell too good.
  9. ankhfangirl72

    Thirteen (13): June 2008

    Fresh from the lab all I got from this 13 was dark chocolate. It was nice but not anything special. Now, after it's had a few months to age, it's much more complex. I can smell the apple a lot now and I really like the combination of that and the chocolate. Looking at the list of notes the only others I can really pick out are the sandlewood, the tea, honeysuckle and what I think might be the tonka? It's really fresh and the chocolate isn't too creamy or sweet. For me, it's a definite improvement on the last 13 anyway
  10. ankhfangirl72

    The Phantom Wooer

    Wow, this really does smell like dust for the first few seconds. After that the florals are much more noticable than the dust, thankfully. It's slightly citrus-y too, but mainly I would say it's floral. I like it but I don't think it's one I'd want to wear very often.
  11. ankhfangirl72

    Blue Fire

    Wow, this is really sour! It's faintly ginger-y but mainly just really, really sharp blueberry. I like it and it does settle down after a while, becaoming slightly more powdery and less sour.
  12. ankhfangirl72


    I'm having a hard time distinguishing many of the notes in this one. I'm not very good at recognising florals anyway but the only note in this that I'd definitely be able to recognise is the rose Anyway... on to my extremely unhelpful review. I was really surprised by how sweet Eternal is. It's like someone upeded a box of candy necklaces onto a flower bed. It feels very pure and innocent. If we're associating bpal with colours this one would be spotlessly white. It's very pretty and light, if a little sad seeming.
  13. ankhfangirl72

    Mag Mell

    This is really fresh and citrus-y. I can smell the ginger slightly but mostly I get the verbena from this. The grass is coming out more after it's been on a while but this is still mainly a citrus scent. It's not one I would've expected to like (not a ginger fan at all) but I do. It'd be great for summer because it's so light and "happy" smelling.
  14. ankhfangirl72

    Two, Five & Seven

    Woah, I love rose but this is a LOT of rose. It's predominantly a sugary tea rose on me but I can smell that there are other roses lurking in the background somewhere behind the tea rose. There's a little bit of grassy green-ness but yeah, mostly tea rose. It's strong too and I only put on a dab from my imp wand! This is definitely not one to slather all over. I do like it but I'm going to be very careful about my application when I wear it.
  15. ankhfangirl72


    Wow, this smells so much better after it's aged a bit. I tried my imp a few months ago and I didn't like it but now it's so much better! I get powdery amber at first, then the carnation shows up and mixes with the amber to make a really lovely warm, spicy scent. It's a little sexy but in a sophisticated way. It's perfumey but it has the feel of a classic high-end perfume. It's great but it's probably not one I'll wear often. I don't think I'm ready to smell that sophisticated yet