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  1. jarcher3

    Le Miroir de la Coquetterie

    Honeyed vanilla and jasmine petals dirtied by labdanum, patchouli, and vetiver. Powdery sweet, very faint jasmine wearing off. So girly and gently pretty and soft. The labdanum, i believe, is adding a slight booziness to it. It doesn't scream a powdery scent, sometimes you want a scent like this though. Like a soft honey version of BPAL Euphrosyne (my moms favorite). Last at least a whole school day for me. This was also a winner for me!
  2. jarcher3

    Les Incubes et des Succubes

    Wow, this smells like my grape juice. I was drawn to the perfume because I love dark, red grapes and tart grape juice. I never had wine though! It's strong and has a lot of throw. I have no problem smelling it after 2+ hours. The addition of blackberries rather the all pure wine notes I think makes the blend more wearable (to me at least) I don't want to smell alcoholic. You smell like dark berry juice with NO added sugar!
  3. jarcher3

    À Un Dîner D’Athées

    This is a winner! The lavender is sweet, the vetiver adds a petrichor type note to the blend, the other notes are smelling smooth and mellow in the blend. Such a beautiful scent. It's not floral to me. it's creamy, sweet, boozy, and VERY posh.
  4. jarcher3

    Mouse Circus

    the kettle corn, popcorn is smoothly strong and potent in the bottle. Once it dries down the popcorn scent turns into a candied nutty sugar smell. It's not fruity, it really does remind me of wearing a candy. I really love this one...
  5. jarcher3

    So Full of Gratitude Bath Oil

    Sooo much creamy and cocoa goodness. Like you are enjoying a homemade mug of hot cocoa (made with real milk) with marshmellows. It's sweet cocoa, not the bitter kind. The shortbread makes it sweet and a really yummy quality to it. I wish I got a second...
  6. jarcher3

    A Circle Around the Hearth Hair Gloss

    Oranges and apples, roasted chestnuts, and warm fig pudding with candied apricot brandy. I get the strong cold fruits first. It's very rummy, probably the apricot brandy. It's like alcoholic winter fruit sauce sweetened with spices. A perfect scent for this time of year and it's very festive and I think represents wintertime joys well.
  7. jarcher3

    Apple X

    I smell red apple and the dirtiness of patchouli. Wet on the skin it's clear there's red musk and apples too. As it dries it just gets fainter and softer, but doesn't change or bring out any more notes. I think the vanilla cream is probably a sandalwood-like note with the teakwood. It's not an apple, cream, and patch scent like I hoped. It's grown up for sure -- a little too heavy on the musks.
  8. jarcher3

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Floating Brain is another strawberry creamy scent. I can't get enough of smelling like sweet strawberries!