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  1. Scarlet Woodland


    Yay! I'm just about to order The Black Rider... fingers crossed it'll work for me too Working off limited data obviously but I'd say the fact you like Golden Priapus, The Black Rider and Snow White, bodes very well for you liking Snake Skin (& Snake Oil). Haven't tried Pleasures III but it does sound like a good match for you. Some leather lovers have been having trouble with the leather in the Pleasures' though as it seems to be a new/different kind. Will come down to how that specific leather plays with your skin chem Snake Skin seems to be going down the better of the two on here. Oh and if you do end up grabbing it and aren't sure at first... let it age and retest now and then. Ageing does magical things to both Snake Oil and Leather
  2. Scarlet Woodland


    I'd love to know too. The leather in this smells incredible on me; all smokey, sexy and noticeably leather. The leathers in Paladin and Jareth don't show up at all on my skin (though they're in my top 10 anyway ) and something in Fighter smelled so much like hospital chemicals that I couldn't smell a thing beneath it. Wondering if SN: Riding Crop might be worth a go.
  3. Scarlet Woodland

    Springtime scents

    Snap! Not tried Lyonesse - is it really in the same vein as Pediophobia? In my brain but possibly not in reality Definitely in the perfumey vanilla category though. I'd say the vanilla in it is most similar to the vanilla(s) in Golden Priapus, Tombstone and Snake Oil? More vanilla than Pediophobia on me with lots of ambergris and sea moss. I can't always wear it, because it's so... salty? but it's fricking amazing. Loads of throw too. ETA: Looking at the reviews both Ped & Lyonesse have often been compared to Antique Lace. Alas I'll probably never get to sniff that wonderous concoction but that looks to be the link.
  4. Scarlet Woodland

    Springtime scents

    This spring I'll be wearing the heck out of Jareth, Dorian, Little Lady Frankenstein, Embalming Fluid, and my favourite RPGs... Elf, Paladin, and Vial Of Holy Water (often all together ). Have a feeling perfumey vanillas will see a lot of action too so Lyonesse, Liz and Pediophobia will be in the rotation.
  5. Scarlet Woodland

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I love light, cool and clean scents for sleepytime; Sonnet D'Automne and Enraged Bunny Musk are top of the list but I do like TKO too. Need to find a GC alternative for the first two cause I go through my sleep scents way too quickly for LE goodness. Keep meaning to pick up some Boober for a EBM substitute.
  6. Scarlet Woodland


    Dead Leaves and Sugared Cardamom from the 2016 weenies was gorgeous too. It took the cardamom a little while to come through properly (mine started out sweet and almost berryish for the first few weeks) but I adore it now. Gutted I missed out on getting a backup but money is a fickle mistress who must be obeyed Seconding My Little Grotesque too if you can do cake.
  7. Scarlet Woodland

    Anything laundryish?

    Oooh, I'll have to look into that. Loved the idea of a Sherlock scent but the notes didn't immediately grab me *heads off to scout reviews* Excellent, thanks guys Will have to get me some Boober. I love linden blossom absolute so fingers crossed BPAL's linden note is similar. I have now tried Enraged Bunny Musk, and while Boober is not fluffy it's sweeter than EBM on me. *Opens wallet... pouts... soon my pretty, soon*
  8. Scarlet Woodland

    Anything laundryish?

    Excellent, thanks guys Will have to get me some Boober. I love linden blossom absolute so fingers crossed BPAL's linden note is similar.
  9. Scarlet Woodland

    Anything laundryish?

    I'm kind of in love with Enraged Bunny Musk; it's like snuggling up in sweet, fluffy white towels and perfect for bedtime, but it's not the easiest thing to stock up on. Just wondering if any of the lovely folks who've tried it have any recs for an alternative. I definitely want to try Boo when it comes back around but in the meantime I've been eyeing Boober. Has anyone tried EBM & Boober? Curious about Dirty and Wensleydale too but Boober and Boo sound closer to the fluffy softness of Enraged Bunny Musk from the descriptions
  10. Scarlet Woodland

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    This happened with my last order but it did suddenly start moving again after 6 days or so. Fingers crossed your tracking will spring to life again soon
  11. Scarlet Woodland

    Weight loss/appetite control bpal recs?

    I think something just reads as poisonous berry/flower/herb. I really like it BTW... just reeeaally don't wanna eat it
  12. Scarlet Woodland

    Clove discussion! including bitter clove and clove cigarettes

    Hmmm Hunter does sound rather nice even with subtle clove... tempting. Was nervous of all the cinnamon in Plunder as I amp it to 11 but it's gotta be worth an imp. Thankyou I generally try to stick my fingers in my ears on unavailable scents but The Avenue and The Imperfect Enjoyment sound amazing! Thankfully vetiver saves me selling a kidney for In His Hands Thy Cruelties Thrive because I LOVE that name. As for The Smiling Spider . Pleeeeaaase resurrect this labbies *bats eyelashes*.
  13. Scarlet Woodland

    Weight loss/appetite control bpal recs?

    Okay, so I went through my bottles and there were actually quite a few that gave me that recoil reaction but the strongest were definitely: Lyonesse Dia De Los Muertos Witch Dance (this was a reeeally strong one) Third Charm Dead Leaves, Tomato Leaf & Black Pepper Most of the snakes and Crowley gave me a mild recoil too.
  14. Scarlet Woodland

    Weight loss/appetite control bpal recs?

    A timely thread for me, as I've just put back on some weight I worked hard to lose *doh*... and Christmas will no doubt pile on a few more pounds. I'm going to have to deploy some appetite suppressing scents myself, for the next couple weeks. I've found that any strong scent which smells like it might be poisonous/toxic to eat, works well if I wear it on my hands. When I bring my hand up to eat, something in my brain says "bad idea". The first one I noticed this strongly with was The Scales Of Deprivation (Leo 2016 and Exorcist are very similar BTW). I've had a similar reaction to Elf and Sea Of Glass but YMMV. I'm planning to go through my collection and literally imagine licking them as I sniff from the bottle. If my brain recoils at the thought then that scent's going in the 'wear me' pile . ETA: I'm thinking Famine might work well for me based on the scent notes (plus it sounds lovely) so tempted to grab a bottle after the holidays and make it my diet scent.
  15. Scarlet Woodland

    Clove discussion! including bitter clove and clove cigarettes

    My favourite cloves are: Crimson Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla & Clove Blood Old Demons Of The First Class Jack is wonderful too but not hugely clovey on me. Crimson is likely to remain my ultimate scent full stop, never mind my favourite clove, but I'm always in the market for more clove dominant scents There are a few unimpables I have my beady eye on right now and I'd love to get an impression on their clove quotient from fellow fanatics before risking a blind bottle. How have you guys got on with these?... Hunter Looming Spectre Of Unutterable Horror (was a tempting rec for this earlier) Crucifixion (LiberAmoris' mention sounds promising) I swear there was another one but my brain appears to have melted