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  1. KyloJen

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi out there, I'm looking to dupe Haus of Gloi's Wintervale perfume as it's one of my favourites but was LE and discontinued after last year due to a supplier issue. "Snow covered blue spruce boughs, frozen woods, crystalline sugared violets and sharp wintery air, all wrapped around a minty mug of hot cocoa." When I'm wearing it, it's a very cold and crispy airy scent with a sweet background note (I reckon this is the sugared violets but it's not very strong). I don't personally pick up on any hot cocoa or mint, the spruce is very gentle so it's more of a gently wintery floral scent. Kind of like stepping outside into a pine forest just after fresh snowfall. Alternatively, if anyone has an unloved bottle, I'd be happy to take it!!