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    My fav. scents are to come...I am still a newb, but I know I love wood notes, smoke, beeswax, vanilla and spices, as well as insense. Florals are a no no... Wishlist: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19896qb5ZzWNK3pivB4FXSWT-Ixj_J_0_7Sg4AnYTUz8/edit?usp=sharing

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  1. BeyondBad1313

    Leather Phoenix

    This is a bad ass scent if I ever did smell one. I swapped for this bottle and I am glad I did. The only way I can describe this scent is as if you had an old wooden box lined with leather and filled with tea. This is beautiful, the right blend of herbal tea, leather and wood. It is really lovely.
  2. BeyondBad1313

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Gingerbread. There is no other description for this. It is straight up gingerbread. It smells amazing when it first goes on, but then as it dries it goes mostly cinnamon on me. It is a nice holiday blend if you want to smell like a cookie. It is really quite on the spot in imitating gingerbread.
  3. BeyondBad1313

    The Soldier

    This is another of my favorite blends. I was introduced to this blend because I was told that if Dean Winchester was bottled in a scent it would be this. I am not disappointed. This smells like sexy red musk and black tea, and the pie sweetens the end of the blend. The pie note is not really defined, but just adds the needed sweetness to the blend.
  4. BeyondBad1313


    This is my favorite yule, I can see why this blend comes back every year. It is a deep red musk that is commanding the front lines of this blend. I love the wood in this blend, to me it feels more like cedar and it is lovely, as well as the leather, mmph if you like leather then this blend is for you. I tried an older version of this recently and I have to say I like the 2015 better. Maybe because the wood is sharper in the new version.
  5. BeyondBad1313


    Wanted to try this one because of all the hype. I was hoping that it would be more woolly marshmallow and less foodie. Most foodie marshmallow I try to stay away from as it turns to plastic. Welp Stekk did too. I can see where people were comparing it to AL, but if foodie marshmallow goes bad on you then stay far away from this one.
  6. BeyondBad1313

    Unsuccessful Cranberry Garland

    This one seems to fit it's name. It is fresh and bright cranberry backed by something like a soft pine note. On the skin I get mostly the cranberry, which is weird because normally I would amp the pine more. This is nice, but not for me. Glad I only got one decant of this one.
  7. BeyondBad1313


    In the bottle this smells heavenly, I get the strong musky smell sweetened by sugar and made woozy with booze. I was so excited to skin test this one, but when I did I was kind of confused. I got bubble gum. Like the cheap pink hubba bubba that comes in the roll. It was really weird, because booze and musk both work on my skin, It didn't smell bad, but it was just too sweet for me. I am sad because I really thought that one would work.
  8. BeyondBad1313

    Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit

    This is by far one of my favorite blends. I am a big fan of the incense blends, especially when paired with coffee notes, It keeps the coffee from going plastic on my skin. Vanilla and the floral adds the the incense vibe. Smells like a beautiful vanilla coffee incense. I will horde this one for sure.
  9. BeyondBad1313

    Mars Ultor

    Amber, vanilla, and nutmeg in one scent. It is like a holy grail. I have been on a desperate hunt for this scent since it was frimped to me. It is sexy slinky vanilla and amber, and the nutmeg makes the blend a bit spicy. The benzoin also makes an appearance here. This blend has potential to be up on my faves. I can't wear it much till I track down more.
  10. BeyondBad1313

    Sexual Energy

    This oil is potent in both scent and its properties, be sparing of how much is used. I do like the scent which is a bonus, but I feel it had a strong effect on me in general. Very happy with this blend for its use.
  11. BeyondBad1313

    The Laughter of Loki

    I managed to get my hands on a bottle of this after hunting for some time. I am not disappointed. The green musk acts similar to red musk on my skin and creates a wonderfully heady scent, but obviously this blend has a greener more herbal quality. Am I crazy to say that this smells like krampus, but minus the leather and add more greenery. I am loving this and will hoard my bottle.
  12. BeyondBad1313


    This is wonderful, this smells like a mixture of cinnamon candies and chai tea. I love the smell in the beginning on my skin, it's spicy and reminds me of some of my favorite tea, but it soon morphs to a nose hair burning cinnamon, for my skin the cinnamon steals the show. Sad because in the imp this one smells really nice.
  13. BeyondBad1313


    sweet and apple floral. Beautiful. This blend is light and sweet, subtle but enticing when you are close. I love this blend because it lets me wear an apple scent. Since I amp florals I get the apple blossom, which clings to the apple. It smells like sweet red apples in an orchard. This is on my need to buy a bottle list.
  14. BeyondBad1313


    Oh my, right out of the imp it smells like amaretto, boozy and sweet almond, always tricking me to think cherry. On the skin, nope nope nooooope. Smells like burning almond extract, like if you put almond extract in a oil burner. It is sharp and too strong on my nose. This is a wonderful blend if your skin can do almond, I found out that mine can't.
  15. BeyondBad1313


    Wow, there goes my nose hairs. This scent is a sharp acrid smoke note with some smoldering ashes in the background. If you have ever smelled something that is fire damaged then you will know this smell. The smell brings up some bad memories and leaves on overall bad taste in my mouth. The blend itself is exactly what it says, if you want the remnants of a fire then this is for you.