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  1. catattack


    Imp: Straw Wet: Straw and cedar Drydown: Woody incense. It's a cross between cedar and sandalwood. This is really dark and mellow. After a couple of hours, I kept getting whiffs of a sweet musky incense. I kept looking around trying to figure out what it was. Well, it was my arm. Close to the skin, I could smell sweet musk and sandalwood, but when my arm was moving around, the wafting scent was a sweet, thick, heavy unburned incense of musk and sandalwood. Fabulous!! Overall: This scent has good throw. It really morphs on my skin and I prefer the drydown to the initial stage. It is a fabulous "dark" scent. I want to try this one on my husband.
  2. catattack


    Imp: Raw, green, floral (in the imp, it doesn't smell like anything I'd wear) Wet: Green vegetation and watery florals Drydown: Soapy flowers Overall: Started out a bit worrisome. As I expected in the beginning, I didn't like it.
  3. catattack


    Imp: Astringent & medicinal lavender Wet: This is bad. Stinky bad. I'm this close to running to the sink and washing this off. Drydown: I'm finally able to distinguish the stinky smell to the combo of lavender and jasmine. This was suffocating when it was wet. It calmed down a bit during the drydown, but it is not something I'd want near me. It is now waxy and soapy. Overall: This was really bad on me. I was barely able to keep myself from washing it off before the drydown.
  4. I've never tried any BPAL that smells like Prell. But someone else did here HTH ETA: Ack! I'm sorry. I thought it worked...I'm floating in space...earth to catattack, over.... What I was trying to do was link to the "If you like ___ then you'll like this product" thread. There was a post from AmandaMayhem stating that Phantom Queen smells like Prell. But I see she has posted on this page now. Sorry for my lack of teh technical skilz. Sorry mods for my goof up.
  5. catattack


    Imp: Asian pickled vegetables Wet: Asian pickles with a teeny bit of spices. Drydown: It has something in it that doesn't smell good to me. Overall: Not for me. I can see those that like the sour resin blends being into this.
  6. catattack

    The Ghost

    Imp: Tart green floral. Wet: Green aquatic florals. Drydown: Green aquatic florals Overall: Not my thing.
  7. catattack

    Blood Lotus

    Imp: Dragon's Blood Wet: Wildflowers doused with dragon's blood Drydown: This has mellowed quite a bit. The dragon's blood was a bit overwhelming in the wet stage. It's a pretty combination of dragon's blood and purple flowers. Overall: It's not bad, I just don't think I'd wear it.
  8. catattack


    Imp: Pineapple Cream. Yum Wet: Starting to smell like tart pineapple. Drydown: Starting to go "Pledge". This is going sharp and sour. Overall: This didn't work on me. It started out smelling sooooo good.
  9. catattack


    Imp: Sweet florals. Wet: Sweet orchid. The stephanotis is adding some depth. Drydown: The sweetness has mellowed. It's a very summery floral. Smells like vacation. Overall: I like this a lot. It's very light and doesn't have much throw. It's sweet and powdery. It's not heady at all.
  10. catattack

    Villainess and BPAL

    Perhaps Nuclear Winter? It's LE, but not difficult to find. It's a nice refreshing mint scent. Not as strong or sweet as the Lick Its. Juke Joint has a light mint note. Some say it's boozy, but I don't find it to be boozy boozy. Just boozy in the sense that it kind of reminds me of a mint julep, but it doesn't make me smell like I had a cocktail or anything. Sorry, that was bumbling... Embargo and Dionysia (patchouli goodness) Xia and Daiyu
  11. catattack

    Man With Phallus Head

    Imp: Fruity. Wet: Pink bubblegum. After a couple of minutes, a bright fruity scent. Could it be the sandalwood and honey combo? Drydown: The fruitiness has combined with the woods & florals. Further drydown, this morphs into an incense scent that a person could wear during the warm months. Overall: Like this a lot. Will be wearing this throughout this summer.
  12. catattack

    Lovers with Rutting Cats

    I had to wash this off. It smelled like pepto-bismol without the mint.
  13. catattack

    Giant Vulva

    The notes in this one were impossible for me to pick out. Initially, this smells of generic perfume, but after a couple of minutes, there's a hint of greeness that develops, and that's really nice. I don't know if I need a whole bottle of this one, maybe just a partial.
  14. catattack

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    Imp: Chocolate. Wet: Bliss with cocoa butter. Drydown: This goes waxy/plasticky on me. Overall: Oh well, at least I have Bliss for my choco cravings.
  15. catattack

    Pothôn Mêtêr

    Imp: Fruity and "watery" (not ozone). Wet: Fruity, but not overly sweet. I smell caramel in the background. Not getting any rose (hurray!). It's becoming a little tart, maybe from the berries? And the benzoin is making an appearance and adding a little more sweetness. Drydown: The combo of berries, greenery, spice, and florals really work well in this blend. Further, the Pink Pepper comes out and it's fabulous. Overall: This is nice. It's reminiscent of Yule scents. To me, this is a winter scent.