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  1. HighlyBell7


    Warning!!!!! To the people that wear this regularly: you should be made aware that to a small percentage of the population that has a rare T allele of the Rs307377 SNP, you actually smell like you just murdered an entire family. Seriously. The pets too. On the bright side, if you have had a severely negative reaction to this scent, then you probably have said rare allele, and you kinda have a super power. And the really cool thing is that the title of this fragrance makes me suspect that Beth (I think this was one of hers?), must have this rare allele too. Which means that her scents probably have more of these trick notes buried in them. In Imp: Yellow in color. Smells like lemon pledge. Wet: Vanilla lemon pledge. With a hint of ick. Dry: Dead flowers that seem to morph into just plain dead and rotting organic material. OMFG!!! This is so gross. Later: Had to wash off before I started to throw up.
  2. HighlyBell7

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    In Imp: Cherry red color. Cherry and smoke? Sweet. Wet: Cherry Swisher Sweets. Yum!! Dry: Cherry Swisher Sweets. Really Yum!!! Sweet Tobacco. Later: I really like this. I love the note that lingers forever at the end. Notes: I’m really surprised that this is listed as Sweet Pea instead of Cherry. Strange. I may need to test this again on another day.
  3. HighlyBell7


    A classic Victorian men's cologne: a lavender fougere, with hints of lilac, lime, and citrus musk. In Imp: Clear. Sharp musk? Soap. Wet: Soap with hints of cologne. Dry: Cologne with hints of soap and musk. Smells really good, but more for a guy. Yeah, I can see Lex Luther wearing this. Too male of a smell for me to wear it all the time. Later: I like it, but I need to find out this guy note so I can avoid it in the future. I think it’s the lavender fougere.
  4. HighlyBell7


    In Imp: Light amber color. Musky with a hint of flower. Yum. Wet: Violets? Yum. Sweet grass. Dry: Violets? Lily? Something sweet and powdery. Like my old Liz Claiborne Vivid body powder. Powder – almost deodorant level, but like the good kind by Dove. Later: LOVE!!! Surprisingly clean. Baby powder. Even Later: Fully dries a bit too resiny. A bit of a sweet burning wood smell left. Notes: I would definitely buy a bottle of this. I want to try it in a scent locket.
  5. HighlyBell7

    The Ghost

    In Imp: Clear with maybe a hint of yellow. Laundry detergent. Wet: Sharp flower note on a clean scent background. Dry: Laundry with a hint of grass. Later: I really like this. I wish there was a hint of white musk too. Sweet pea? Even Later: Keeps getting better.
  6. HighlyBell7

    Al Azif

    In Imp: Clear with hint of yellow. Coconut and sugar and something strange. Wet: Maple syrup with coconut that’s like that note in old aphrodisiac oil. Dry: Old coconut suntan lotion. Hint of poop smell? I wonder if that is Arabic Musk or maybe Labdanum? The last thing I smelled that had a “poop” note had those two things in it. The other one (Skuld) came directly from BPAL, so I don’t think it’s a handling issue. And I always make sure I'm perfectly clean before testing new scents. Later: Milder coconut.
  7. HighlyBell7


    In Imp: Red. Sweet and a bit serious. Citrus? Wet: Citrus and perfume and hint of clean soap. Dry: I actually really like this. Grapefruit? With some kind of musk? Smells like expensive perfume. Later: Stronger perfume.
  8. HighlyBell7


    In Imp: Clear with hint of yellow. Strong menthol. Wet: Cold. Gross. Menthol mixed with Pine Sol. Dry: The middle of a pine forest in winter while sucking on orange Ricola. Maybe a hint of flower. Ouch. Burning. I may be allergic. Damn. I smell the rose and rosemary and hint of orange and mint after reading the description. Later: Rose is getting stronger with hint of lemon. Even Later: Weird medicinal rose smell left.
  9. HighlyBell7

    Hemlock Honey

    In Imp: Bright yellow. Honey. Wet: Sweet powdery honey with hints of green leaves. Green leaves morph to fir which is overpowering. Dry: Fir and smelly feet and a hint of earwax. Later: Honey gets stronger, but still firry. Ick. Even Later: Fire eventually fades and just left with honey. Better, but meh. Still Later: Honey with just the barest hint of vanilla base.
  10. HighlyBell7

    Cheshire Cat

    In Imp: Clear yellow. Sharp lemon musk? With a hint of sweet. Wet: Lemon candy with vanilla, like a creamy lemon pudding cake or maybe creamy lemon Laffy Taffy Dry: Sweet, creamy notes come forwards. Lemon turns to more of an orange Dreamcicle. Later: Almost a creamy candy musk with a hit of floral. Beautiful!!
  11. HighlyBell7

    The Apothecary

    In Imp: Light yellow. Sharp with hint of lemon? Wet: Sassafras. Green-smelling lemon. Dry: Green lemon. Turns greener. Smells like the woods. Except elevated. Like the woods without the dirt or the rotten floor of the forest. Hint of a band aide smell. That note turns into something I don’t like. Later: Eventually settles into a cologne smell.
  12. HighlyBell7


    In Imp: Bright yellow. Sweet cologne and sunflower seeds. Wet: Sharp sweet lemon Dry: Honeysuckle? And another flower. Jasmine? Gardenia. Later: Fades to Egyptian musk
  13. HighlyBell7

    The Inn Atmosphere Spray

    In ATM: Bright urine yellow color. Peanut butter. With butter. Wet: Peanut Butter Dry: Peanut Butter Cookies Later: Snickerdoodles.
  14. HighlyBell7


    In Imp: Healthy urine yellow color. Sunflower seeds and some kind of citrus musk? Wet: Sunflower seeds and some flower with a hint of something oily. A musk? Dry: Outside in summer in a field of sunflower. Something deeper and more spicy. Later: Spicy and more powdery. Resin? Amber?
  15. HighlyBell7

    The Phantom Wooer

    In Imp: Hint of yellow. Sweet, strong carnation with violets? Wet: Paint thinner with carnations and hint of violets. Dry: Strange. Reminds me of oil painting. The smell of the paints mixed with linseed oil and paint thinner. Then, hints of grass. Turns into a lovely, oily, sweet grass. Still reminds me of paining but without the paint thinner and with the windows open and a hint of powder. Hint of sweet, clean musk. Settles into something beautiful. Walking barefoot though the grass in a long flowing white skirt. Soft. White musk? Bit of Vanilla? What is this flower? Moonflower? I need more. Later: Absolutely f’ing LOVE!!! I’m addicted to whatever combo is left on my skin. Can I find this without the starting crap? Is it carnation and Egyptian musk?